Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fresh Sweet Memory

Yesterday afternoon after I finished going on a walk/run with the girls, I was immensely thirsty and went into the house to fill up water bottles for all 3 of us. We then sat outside in the warm spring air drinking our water. My cheeks were flushed from the exercise and I had a warm glow throughout. As I watched my girls playing I was taken back to my own childhood.

When I was a girl our summers were spent at my grandparents' home in Nellie Lake. Nellie Lake was surrounded by beautiful forest and hills (mountains in my mind.) My Dad would go on long runs covering a great distance and I would eagerly wait to see him coming home down the long drive (in my child's mind impossibly long). Soon I would see him coming down the drive all hot, sweaty and triumphant. I would run to get him water and he would guzzle the cold water down like some crazy animal, and commence his post run cool down walk. I used to love watching him do this weird walk, one that I found myself doing with the very same motions later in life. Sometimes when my dad would run we would drive up to this big hill and wait for him to stop and take a water break. Here in the forest there was a fresh well of spring water. Again I would watch him with fascination and pride as he would fill the tin cup kept at the spring and eagerly drink the fresh cold sweet water down.

So yesterday afternoon as I drank my own cool water from my steel thermos with my post exercise glow I prayed that one day my own children would have such fresh sweet memories of me.


Aeify said...

Such a lovely memory. My dad used to take me walking among the hilly portion of my grandparent's property when I was little. Then we'd stop by the "branch" for some spring water ourselves!! Thanks for bringing that to mind..think I'm gonna call Daddy this weekend!

Karen's Violetbliss said...

That is an awesome memory and I'm sure you will create many unique memories for your girls as well. Do you have plans tomorrow? Perhaps we could try getting the girls together and hang out for a little bit. Let me know what you think...Karen and Molly!

Stay Funny said...

This is by far the post that touched me the most in a really long time.

Happy that you are creating memories with your girls.

Love you

Diva Loca said...

katie once again you've blown me away with a touching rock girl!

here's to the memories...