Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do something good for you and someone else

This morning I set up a monthly donation to the Ottawa Food Bank. I saw on the news (Yes, crazy I was watching the news LOL) last month that 16 thousand children depend on the food bank in Ottawa. That is simply frightening. I also gave up drinking pop last month. So I thought why not donate the money I would have spent on unhealthy pop on something worthwhile. So a simple $10 a month, and hopefully it will help make a small difference.

Is there something unhealthy or unnecessary that you could give up and make a donation with? Check out the food bank site if you have a chance here :)

Kasey's birthday is next month and I had a cool idea...I'm going to have all the guests bring a case of formula in loo of a present to donate to the food bank. Really, what does a one year old need? Our house certainly doesn't need more toys :)


Louise Dubord said...

Very insightful and wise Katie! I agree with the idea of the formula instead of presents. We have so much. I started spending less, I only bought 2 headbands and 2 t-shirts for myself during the cruise. That's it. That a huge difference compared to other trips and cruises! Well, we bought a ton of stuff for our grand-daughters, but it's hard not to! have a great day! I posted about the cruise on my blog.

Stay Funny said...

ohhh good idea about the formula!
Are you doing the party here in ottawa or at your mom's?

Marlene said...

You have such a big heart Katie - what a wonderful thing to do. You are such an inspiration - I am going to check into doing something meaningful as well.