Sunday, March 15, 2009


Heading back to church today. Its been over a year since I have been. Despite having finally found a church that I love. I had stopped going b/c Kayleigh would not stay in the nursery by herself and I wasn't getting much out of church while spending the duration of the time in the nursery. I should have tried harder to get her used to it, or at least attempted back at it sooner. But I soon got caught up in things outside of going there on Sunday mornings. A couple weekends ago I met this super cool girl Melinda at the VB Scrapbook Weekend and she goes to a church practically 2 min from the one I went to. I am going to give it a try today, as it would be nice to go to a church where I know someone. If I don't like it I will go back to mine. The point is to get out and into the church where I can expose myself to connecting with God. I certaily don't believe you need to go to church to connect with God, but I think that doing so will help me stay more on path with him if I go reguraly and talk to other people that believe also. I have really been a funk the last 2 weeks, tired, really tired, really tired of winter and desperate for spring and the park. I have been lacking in creativity, and eating way to much, and generally feeling numb. I have a most wonderful life, and my youngest daughter is a huge delight right now at almost one year old. Yet I seem to get lost in this cloud of blahh lately. I feel disconnected. Disconnected from my family, my art, and God. So today I step purposly into his arms with my girls and I pray that they will enjoy the nursery so Mommy can listen to the sermon. I pray that today I will be mindful of what I eat and that I will eat to nourish my body and not to numb my soul. I look forward to a beautiful almost spring afternoon and exploring the neighborhood on Kayleigh's bike. Here's to Sunday :)

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