Tuesday, March 31, 2009

45 min

Me. Post walk glow:)

45 min outside walking at a good clip.

Only worked out twice last week hoping to do better this week and get some running in there too.

One day down :)


RUN, don't walk over here! On sat the family and I went to Laurie and Denis' home for a photoshoot. They have a Photo and Design business and arevery talented. Laurie is showing a peak of some of the pics :) I for one am beside myself with excitement at seeing the rest.

Here are some pics of the kids for you Mom and Dad, got to love the snot :) Laurie says she has learned how to photoshop away the snot...need to ask her how :)

and two LO's from this week :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Scrap'n..what else?

So the other day I was saying that I was really drawn to simple, clean LO's . Well look what I did last night? Couldn't be much more messy than that eh? LOL

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the BROOM is back baby

You know you've reached a new low in boring house wife when your reduced to blogging about brooms! However, for the neat freaks among us this is important stuff. I have been a Swiffer fanatic for the last 10 years. I Swiffer dust, Swiffer vacuum, Swiffer Wetjet. "Swiffier" was among Kayleigh's first words and she even has her own Swiffer. Don't even get me started on the Swiffer horse. I very reluctantly gave up my Swiffer Wetjet about a year ago when I learned that it was on the toxic side for the kids and pets. I now drag my vinegar and water out and slosh the bucket around, I must say I miss the VEEEET VEEEET sound of my WetJet. Well about a month ago while faced with the daily play dough crumb clean up, the broom oddly enough was handy and I thought I would give it a try. GENIUS...who invented this thing? The broom rocks!! It cleaned up those sticky play dough bits with ease...and the DOG HAIR...hair I didn't even know was there. Rice covering the floor after dinner? EASY as pie with my broom :) The best part, you don't even have to buy additional parts for it, and you don't throw anything away after using it (except the dirt that is). So now I need to get Kayleigh her own broom. SWIFFER WHO?

Monday, March 23, 2009


I did it....I went for my walk/run....dragged butt today :) oh well :) Done :)

Hanging my head....

Soooooo...6AM....ummmm...yeah...noooooo. My EXCUSE is a bad sleep due to crying sick baby, and Kayeligh yelling at her sister to stop crying (that was kind of funny actually). So about 20 min ago I bundled the kids up to give going out for a walk/run a try...HOLLY FRIGGIN COLD...needless to say we promptly came back inside. So I hope it is warmer this aft and will try again. And I AM GOING TO TRY THIS AGAIN THIS WED AM...because really its so much nicer to go without the kids :)

So onto fun things...SCRAPPING....

LO's done with the March Bad Girls Kit...mmm...PRIMA PRIMA PRIMA.

note: in many of the LO's I used BG DT Adrienne Looman's idea to put paint on the Say it With Crystals...very cool effect.

This LO is my Fav :)

The LO below is done on Prima screen printed cardboard...very cool to play with.

I did this LO with Emma last Thursday night. We met when our kids were about 1 year old at play group and have been going to the same music class. We finally got together to scrap last week. She has a little boy who is so cute and a wee bit older than Kayleigh. They hold hands and cuddle in music class...ahhhh...so cute.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 days down!!!

I went for my fourth walk/run this week today. I even went a wee bit further. I had a stitch in my side the whole time. I suspect it was the chocolate chip cookie (ok cookie and a half...) I ate at Starbucks a mere half hour before my departure. I pushed through though thinking about how much worse giving birth was...then again I had drugs for that. It was awesome going out today without the kids in tow. So my goal this week is to go Mon, Wed, and Fri am at 6:00 by myself...I have NEVER been good at getting up to exercise. Let's be honest I haven't been very good at exercising period the last 10 years! So I am writing it here in blog land...I KATAROO WILL GET MY WIDE ASS OUT OF BED AT 6AM 3 DAYS A WEEK TO RUN! Oh this is going to sting if I fail :(

To bed early tonight I think :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Art

Fresh Sweet Memory

Yesterday afternoon after I finished going on a walk/run with the girls, I was immensely thirsty and went into the house to fill up water bottles for all 3 of us. We then sat outside in the warm spring air drinking our water. My cheeks were flushed from the exercise and I had a warm glow throughout. As I watched my girls playing I was taken back to my own childhood.

When I was a girl our summers were spent at my grandparents' home in Nellie Lake. Nellie Lake was surrounded by beautiful forest and hills (mountains in my mind.) My Dad would go on long runs covering a great distance and I would eagerly wait to see him coming home down the long drive (in my child's mind impossibly long). Soon I would see him coming down the drive all hot, sweaty and triumphant. I would run to get him water and he would guzzle the cold water down like some crazy animal, and commence his post run cool down walk. I used to love watching him do this weird walk, one that I found myself doing with the very same motions later in life. Sometimes when my dad would run we would drive up to this big hill and wait for him to stop and take a water break. Here in the forest there was a fresh well of spring water. Again I would watch him with fascination and pride as he would fill the tin cup kept at the spring and eagerly drink the fresh cold sweet water down.

So yesterday afternoon as I drank my own cool water from my steel thermos with my post exercise glow I prayed that one day my own children would have such fresh sweet memories of me.

TO DO before 30...

I'm kicking this funk I have been into the curb! Spring is in the air and I feel alive again. My lungs are filled with sweet cucumber and dirt spring air. Earlier this week inspired by Tanya's post on starting running I went for a run/walk. I headed out for what I intended to be a walk with the girls in their double stroller. I even put running shoes on which is very unusual since I always wear crocs (snow, rain or sun). The air was so sweet with spring and my feet felt so damn 'runny' in my runners that I couldn't help but want to run. So for the next 30 min I would walk a block and then run a block and so on (while pushing 60 pounds of kiddlets in stroller). It FELT SO GOOD...really and truly good. I breathed deeply taking the air into my lungs and letting it spread through my body, literally airing the FUNK out of me. The following day I walked the girls to playgroup rather than driving and then yesterday did another walk/run with the kids.

I used to run in my youth, I was really good at it too. I could run and run, distance was my game. I wasn't a sprinter but I could do endurance. This past weekend I was going through my old diaries and I noticed a recurring theme in my TO DO BEFORE 30 Lists...they all said run a marathon and write a book. Well I am 32 and I have not done either of these things. I have spent the last few months doing writing exercises and keeping a journal. I feel as though I have been "warming up and stretching" so to speak. That I am ready to take those first steps toward making my dreams come true. The last year has really been one of reflection, healing and change for me and I feel like something great is coming.

Stay tuned....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Sunday

Ok so church was OK not great...Kayleigh had a melt down in the kids class and they had to come get me. I tried to have the kids sit with me for the service. They sat on the floor and emptied two travel size wipe containers and cleaned the floor. They were pretty good while doing that ie. quiet and occupied but I was having so much anxiety just waiting for them to flip out that we made a quiet exit and went home. Will try again and see if she lasts longer next time. Problem is that next Sunday is the Blackburn crop and I haven't been able to go for ages and I can go next weekend. So do we do church or do I go crop....mmmm this one is going to be tough!

I finally got some creative juice back this weekend and scrapped both Fri night and Sat night. I wad really taken by these photos of Laurie's.

This LO is a very strange mix of papers with the spring like bright colors of the Heather Baily papers and the muted tones of the Amy Butler, then the brown lazer cut paper. I used metallic paints on the "holes" and on the cut work flowers and chipboard. No real embellies here other than the chipboard letters. I have to say I really like this one :)

This one is more graphic and simple than my usual style. I used Basic Grey paper and I am really not a huge fan of BG. I love their papers but find that I have a hard time working with them. I used on of my fav techniques here making line work with a black pen and then filling in some of the lines with white paint.


Heading back to church today. Its been over a year since I have been. Despite having finally found a church that I love. I had stopped going b/c Kayleigh would not stay in the nursery by herself and I wasn't getting much out of church while spending the duration of the time in the nursery. I should have tried harder to get her used to it, or at least attempted back at it sooner. But I soon got caught up in things outside of going there on Sunday mornings. A couple weekends ago I met this super cool girl Melinda at the VB Scrapbook Weekend and she goes to a church practically 2 min from the one I went to. I am going to give it a try today, as it would be nice to go to a church where I know someone. If I don't like it I will go back to mine. The point is to get out and into the church where I can expose myself to connecting with God. I certaily don't believe you need to go to church to connect with God, but I think that doing so will help me stay more on path with him if I go reguraly and talk to other people that believe also. I have really been a funk the last 2 weeks, tired, really tired, really tired of winter and desperate for spring and the park. I have been lacking in creativity, and eating way to much, and generally feeling numb. I have a most wonderful life, and my youngest daughter is a huge delight right now at almost one year old. Yet I seem to get lost in this cloud of blahh lately. I feel disconnected. Disconnected from my family, my art, and God. So today I step purposly into his arms with my girls and I pray that they will enjoy the nursery so Mommy can listen to the sermon. I pray that today I will be mindful of what I eat and that I will eat to nourish my body and not to numb my soul. I look forward to a beautiful almost spring afternoon and exploring the neighborhood on Kayleigh's bike. Here's to Sunday :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ugggh day

Its almost Friday :) Today has been a bit of an ughh day. Took the stroller to music class today as Ryan needed the car. I didn't think it would be a big deal b/c the sidewalks are clear of snow and after enduring an entire winter last year of pushing the stroller (and lifting and carrying it) through the snow I really thought it would be fine. Well it was really really cold and windy today. Despite the fact we were all dressed warmly, the kids were crying b/c they were cold. So this old fat lady RAN...RUN FOREST RUN...seriously I turned the stroller into a jogging stroller and hit the pavement hard in my crocs. Quite the site I am sure! Anyway home for lunch and a nap. Only an hour into the nap I hear a THUD and a wail, Kayleigh has fallen out of bed. grrrrrr. So I put every pillow in the upstairs of the house on my bedroom floor, every blanket, and a ton of toys and books and we all laid on the floor for about a hour and a half. I had one eye open on the kids. Fine parenting :) I swear I caught Emma's cold from music class today and am sniffling and snotting. I have eaten far too many golden oreo's with PB and dipped in milk. I spent much to long on the phone with my insurance agent re my fist car accident in which the punk that hit me is no where to be found and I am now looking at a hit and run. I have been unable to create, scrapbook for a week for lack of creative mojo. I am normally a "look I fart rainbows from my arse kind of girl" but this week has definitely been a UGGGH one. See I am normal :)

I am off to teach my Body Art Journal Class in 30 min, I have a Starbucks thermos full of coffee and a positive attitude. My day will turn around :) It has to because DEAN is on Supernatural tonight and that always makes me really happy. Toots, K

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

but it made her stop crying LOL!



Monday, March 9, 2009

I suck at doing hair

I tried Marmie I really did!!!!

Also some LO shares, finally did some scrapping last night after a week of going to bed 8:00 PM :)

A simple one:

and more me :)