Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dream Catcher

I played along with Project 52 this week by making this dream catcher. I made it from copper wire, thin gold wire, beads, jewels, charms, washers, ribbons, fibers and some copper metal sheets.

This dream catcher will catch my scrap dreams and send them to Wendy at Bad Girls :)

PS. I think Tinker Bell has taken up residence in it :)


lizzie said...

omg gorgeous!!!!
eeeee you have totally inspired me!!!

Diva Loca said...


is it too late to submit for BG DT?????

barb said...

Very pretty! Good luck with the BG DT search!

Stay Funny said...

looks amazing!!!!
love the feathers!
really beautiful!
need one too please!

Stay Funny said...

just realized! it's not feathers but fibers! really cool!