Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad Girls Application

The call has been made and unfortunately it wasn't my day :( I would love to share my work with you though as working on this application really pushed my to new creative heights. All though I wasn't chosen I am really happy with the work I did and am excited to keep on creating!

3 Manufactures LO:

I love this picture! Stephanie (Stayfunny) took it for us and I love how the baby looks like a dear caught in the headlights. I used products from the following manufacturers; Prima, Making Memories, Scenic Route, K&Co, Maya Road, American Crafts, KI Memories, and even some vintage trim and junque findings. My favorite thing on this LO is that I left some of the cutout flowers from the Prima paper unpainted.

Your WOW LO:

I used the January Bad Girls kit for this LO. The background paper is Jenni Bowlin and in all honesty I really didn’t like this particular piece of PP. So I thought here’s a challenge Katie…and guess what I love that damn paper now! I then went to town with some mica paint and pale gold iridescent acrylic paint on the GRUNGE BOARD…WOW! The Bad Girl Kit’s make you reach beyond what you ever thought you could do!

Personal LO:

Dear Body it’s me Katie….

I’m sorry that for so long you went unloved and abused…
In my youth I stopped eating, I slept away hiding from the world, and the eyes that I thought judged me. Soon the anxiety and the hunger would become too much and I would overfill myself with food and guilt and then purge myself of all those caloric sins. My own porcelain hell was what I created. I look at these old pictures and I see a ghost of a soul hiding in a body that was foreign to me. For so long I really thought that if you could open up my soul and look inside you would be frightened but what you saw. Years passed and I would enter brief periods of reprieve. I would gain weight, stop obsessing, and act normal. But not having learned to cope with my anxieties I would eventually revert back to my old destructive ways. Years passed and I saw the empty life I was leading and what I could have….my life mate, my family, God…I started to CRAVE LIFE. I let go…I let go of the obsessions and started to live life. Only I didn’t quite know how to deal with food like a normal person. I worked on healing my mind and spirit but my body took a new direction. I gained weight very quickly. I looked in the mirror one day and was completely shocked by the heavy, bloated, fat person that stared back at me. So I stopped looking in the mirror and I carried on. More time passes, life became more and fuller…marriage, children, and friends. I found myself truly feeling FULL for the first time in my life…and then I started a new journey, the last leg in my body’s recovery. I started to eat healthy, to move, to breathe…some days are good, some weeks are not so healthy. But I look in the mirror today and I SEE ME…I am not surprised by my reflection, my outside matches my inside, and I am happy.

PS. this is the way the LO originally looked and then I ripped it apart and did the one above :) LOL


This project was inspired by Jeni’s Project 52 Mirror. When I saw her post about wanting to inspire her daughter with positive body image, and after having written the journaling for the Dear Body LO I really wanted to make my own piece of art to empower myself.

I immediately thought of using a paper mache dress form (I saw today that a similar project was posted by Pamela Palmairni and just wanted to stress that I completed the project before seeing hers, I guess BG’s think alike J

I wanted it to have an aged look like a real antique. I achieved the look with Glimmer Mists, Crackle Paint, Gesso and Gold Foil.

The message this piece conveys is that if I fall of the wagon and eat something unhealthy…I DESERVE to keep eating healthy and loving myself…that it is not an excuse to go hog wild eating junk food because you slipped. No more black and white thinking. Time to break this cycle.

“I deserve to eat healthy…to love myself…to exercise…to not fill up on junk food”


Barb said...

Oh Katie, I love your work... it's all so beautiful, and so very moving. When I read a toot for the BG call on 2peas, I had to come over here to see what your news was... sorry you didn't make it. But really, this contest pushed you to new heights. Your work is amazing. Congratulations for putting yourself out there. Your time will come, my friend. I just KNOW it.

Closet Artist said...

Oh my gosh Katie your work is amazing, beautiful and touching. Keep trying for as Barb said, your time will come.
You are very inspiring and I thank you for sharing your creativity.

Stay Funny said...

Big hugs darling!
Hope your having a great w-end and you know what I think about all 4 projects... they total rock!

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

I'm really sorry that you didn't get it Katie! Your work is soooo exquisite and touching! Like Barb said, I know your time will come because you are such a great artist. Big hugs!

Jen said...

I thought you were going to make it. I would have put money on it. You're seriously talented!

Tanya said...

Katie I loved your me caught my eye immediately. I think you raocked your submission!

Jeni Boisvert said...

Katie, your work is jaw dropping GORGeous Girl! I am a huge fan of yours, and can't wait to see what you will create next. Keep it up, you ARE inspiring!! ;) xo

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Chin up, yeah! =) you should be proud of your work and yourself ! your craft is beautiful !

Shemaine said...

Katie your layout was so very touching and close to home for me. So many of us ladies suffer with our self image and how we see ourselves. We are our own worst critics but rightfully so since it's us alone that does the damage. I built a wall around myself to protect me from childhood demons that followed me into my adult life and still linger. My husband saw past that wall and loved me for me. I still can't figure out why I still need the walls but reading your honest and candid words makes me realize that I too deserved these things. your work was fantastic and I am sorry you weren't chosen but it looks like you got more out of the journey. Keep submitting!

FibreJunky said...

I'm sorry you didn't make it, but I have no doubt that you will go far in the future. Your creations are amazing. The way you put yourself out there in the Dear Body layout is particularly inspirational. I have been trying to figure out what I want to say about it for nearly 2 hours and I'm still at a loss for words. All I can say is that you touched a spot I try to keep hidden. Thank you for being so brave.

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGGGGG Katie, those layouts are stunning beyond words, you are so multi-talented its not even funny, you really have so much to offer to everyone! You are also very inspiring with life and crafts, keep up the good work Katie, I sure hope someone special recognizes your hard work :)

Kare Bear