Monday, February 23, 2009

3 Sisters

The Playlist

Number 1: Barbie House
Number 2: Bank
Number 3: Cabbage Patch Camp
Number 4:Cabbage Patch Boat

This is what my sisters and I would drum up while hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. Our playlist, always read out loud as NUMBER ONE, NUMBER TWO and so on. We were an imaginative bunch and would create elaborate make believe worlds to play in. We didn't need to buy dolls that could poop and pee. We maked believe that ours did! After skillfully negotiating which game we would play, we put our hands on top of one another and throw them in the air yelling SISTERS!!!

Flash forward through adulthood and here the three of us stand this past summer. Krissy on the right is the youngest at 28, the mother of 2. Jamie is on the right, 30 and engaged. I am in the middle and am the oldest at 32 and the mother of 2 children.

I now view my little sister, Krissy, as my BIG SISTER. Every since having my first child I have been frantically calling her for advice on motherhood and parenting. When my second baby Kasey came along I called Krissy frantically asking her how to get the baby to stop crying...and she replied: "Katie you do know that you have had a baby more recently than I have right???" (her children are older than mine) To which I answered: "Yes but I forgot everything!!!".

Now I am going to do something really crazy here and ADMIT to something. Before I had children and I was a working career woman, I thought that Krissy had it soooo easy as a stay at home mom. I thought that because she could wear her pj's to "work" and sneak in Oprah that her "job" was a breeze. I really did, and couldn't understand why she would be stressed out. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!! I admitted to this to her recently :)

I also had the pleasure of admitting that SHE WAS RIGHT a couple of years ago after Kayleigh was born. You see Krissy and I had this HUGE, and I do mean HUGE argument. At the time of the argument I was once again childless, working, and an ignorant idiot LOL. I was convinced that I loved my wiener dog as much and the same way that she loved her children. She of course did not believe that the love was the same. We really fought it out over this one. Needless to say about 2 weeks after Kayleigh was born my sister had the pleasure of telling me..."I TOLD YOU SO" :)

My baby sister has truly become my big sister, I look up to her and rely on her to guide me. In fact it was only last week that I was hounding her for advice on how to lower my grocery bill and plan a weeks menu. I'm telling you she is a wise wise woman :)

Our Middle sister Jamie lives and works in Toronto. She lives in a stylish condo, dresses like she walked out of the pages of a magazine spread, and is ambitious. She once told me she wanted to be like me that she tried to follow me. We both worked at Arby's in high school, she went to Queen's University like me, she even lived with Ryan and I for a while. The funny things is that now the tables are turned and I admire her and the life that she has carved out for herself. I had always thought that I would be the corporate career climbing girl. That I would live in a condo in the big city. That I would be picking out pretty dresses and shoes for weekend parties and martinis. Now here she is working for a large and prominent company. She works very very hard, and is always striving more. She gets to do really cool things at work because she works in marketing, and networks with the coolest personalities. I look at my sister Jamie's life now, like a window display at Macy's...I am on the outside peering in. I write this as a compliment to you Jamie. I want you to know how proud I am of you, your work, your life, of you and Jeff. Proud of how you have not lost yourself and are still the caring, sweet sister I have always loved.

3 sisters, 3 cities, 3 lives linked forever by this bond called sisterhood. I love you guys!!! Let's together for a game of Cabbage Patch Kids Boat soon!

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Marlene said...

What an amazing tribute to your sisters Katie - you obviously have a very special bond. (which right is each sister on - LOL)