Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wii Fit

Ryan and I joined the Wii Fit Club last night and boy oh boy did we laugh our BIG FAT BUTTS off!! First we picked our avatars called Mii's and choose our hair color, and hair type etc. Then we entered our data and stood on the all mighty wii board. took our avatars and stretched their waist lines a whole lot!! Guess what we are FAT LOL. Then we did the WII Fit test and it gave us our wii fit age.....are you ready for this....I am 44 (32 years in real life) and Ryan is 45 (33). Oh my we are out of shape. When we did the balance test we did so badly it asked us if we have trouble walking! We played some games and laughed and luaghed at how bad we were.

I got on today and after a strength workout and some yoga re-did the body test and came up at 33 years of wii age. Phew that's better. It was actually a decent workout...not a 5k run by any means but a start :) and its FUN!!

and I am do going to kick Ryan's ass!!


Stay Funny said...

hihihi that's too funny!
Congrats on taking action in reaching your goal! I'm always proud of you!

Tanya said...

isnt it so fun Katie. We were told we were a fat family you I had the girls height wrong so once that was fixed the girls were no longer fat...hehehe.....As of last night I have lost a pound and a bit and my muscles are aching

one and one + two said...

You are doing better than me - we bought the Wii Fit but haven't taken it out of the box yet...I guess I should learn how to use it! It sounds fun!

Rachel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I am laughing about that and that Ryan was turned on! HEEHEE