Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scrapbook Trends :)

The Mail Man woke us up from nap today (first nap in 3 days)...grrrrrr....BUT...at least he came with goodies! I got a pizza box loaded with scrappy goodness...at first I had no idea who it was from...have I been online shopping in my sleep? Then I saw this.....

I had no idea this would be out so soon :) Truly a great surprise :)

So I also completed my 72 hour challenge last night....check out Stephanie's here...

You had to use a bird or owl, lace, glitter, flowers, a frame, and at least 3 pp's. I turned the snowflakes into flowers with some brads in the center...sneaky eh? :)


Stay Funny said...

Were the goodies good?
I need to stop and get a copy for you to sign it!

ohhhhhhhhhhhh love the layout!!!!!!!!
Colorful, funky and really playful! And pics of me, that's a great bonus!

Have a happy afternoon, so happy that Kayliegh is back to her naps and lets hope it stays that way!
Ps... really cleaver with the snoflakes and brads! Great creativity!

Closet Artist said...

WHAT?!?!? I didn't know you were going to be in a publication? Congratulations to you!!

Barb said...

LOVE love LOVE the layout... great job with the flowers/snowflakes! And congrats again on the ST pub... it looks GREAT in the mag. Like Steph, I wanna know what was in the goodie box! :D

Marlene said...

Congratulations Katie!!! I love Scrapbook Trends (well all their magazines). What an honour to be chosen for their magazine.