Thursday, January 29, 2009

MMMMM it looks like CAKE

Look at what Kayleigh made this week at her M is for MESSY class at A Fine Mess! The heart boxes look good enough to eat. Part of the reason they look so good not that Kayeligh at 2 isn't very crafty id that Genna did most of the work while K washed dishes :) I guess the water and the sink were more interesting LOL. So you think she will let me have the boxes, they are really cool :)

So I did a wee bit of scrapping last night....I really love this LO, pretty simple just paper and ink....and its HILARIOUS!!


Tanya said...

ok..first off..yum! What a great craft..I really need to get Hadley there one week. And for the it! I love how with SR you can get away with just usung the paper and bare embellishments. I love the doodled lines..I need to lift this so bad:)

Closet Artist said...

Oh YUM those DO look like cakes!!
I have taken Claire to a class at AFM and she loved it and looks forward to going again. Those ladies are very talented and PATIENT! LOL
Yep your hubby is a good sport!

Anonymous said...

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Stay Funny said...

hihihihi love this photo of Ry!
And the cakes are so cute!