Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Ahhhh Sunday morning, hot coffee, happy children (surprisingly good moods LOL), at the climax of my latest vampire book, wii game awaiting ( I rock at darts and table hockey), some sledding in the plans for the afternoon. Oh happy day (did I mention I'm taking 10mg more of prozac LOL!!)

So here are some photo shares.....

Ryan and Kayleigh rocking the Marmie aprons while making pizza. Ryan you make a damn fine house wife :) Note the rolled up pj pants, very style'n.

A cutie pic I snapped up of Kayleigh cuddling Frodo in his bed, about to read him some books. Yesterday she said he needed help reading books because he doesn't have hands. LOL

Kayleigh and her HOT MILK....yep still on that.


Tanya said...

lol..too funny Katie..I especially like the beer in Ryan's hands:) Your day sounds wonderfully delish, I am awaiting on my coffee watching Ab at the Wii(we just might need to have a little competition;) ) and I too hope to spend a nice quiet day withthe family with perhaps a little skating out beside our house.Looks like frod is back to his good ol' self. lets talk about a play date this week:)

Stay Funny said...

hihihihi that's the best picture ever of Ryan!

Love the ones of Kayleigh, that child is so photogenic!

Enjoy your day!