Saturday, January 3, 2009


2009? really? seriously? When did that happen? We got home from our Christmas travels last Monday and I promptly got the flu, then the girls got sick, then Ryan, and the girls are still sick. We had plans to go to a friends party New Year's Eve, but with both girls having a fever we stayed home. Ryan watched the Hockey game, I scrapped and we played nurse maid, half a game of cards, went to bed read and waited for midnight so we could kiss and go to sleep LOL!!

So 2009 it is!! ...and as every New Year comes the hope of a better me. Here are my goals for 2009!

1. Follow my path, walk by His side, act with His grace.

2. Loose 20 more pounds.

3. Cook, Cook, Cook, I want to be Soul Mama, Pioneer Woman!!

4. Be frugal, learn stretch a dollar (I have decided to stay at home with the kids and not go back to work so one income will be a change) My BIL can take a penny and make a dollar, we seem to take dollars and make pennies :) LOL

5. WRITE. I have dreamed of writing all my life....thought and thought and been to scared to really do it. So this is the at least start...words words words

6. RUN. I used to run, I used to run and run and run....then I stopped and I got FAT! I want to run again. I want to feel that high...I want to win a race again (ok maybe not win, but finish would be nice LOL) I used to write in my head while I ran so this goal could serve two :)


Rachel said...

You have the strength to each and every one of these... and i am gonna run with you girl! WINK


Stay Funny said...

great goals!
Wishing you that all your family will geat better! If you are not sleeping and you are reading this comment... it's 9:39 pm and you can call me! or... tomorrow will do!
I have 2 questions... concerning the kit and your ATC's for BG!!!

Barb said...

Happy New Year! I love your goals for the year.You know, you're an amazing woman... I believe you can do anything you set your mind to, so I'm pulling for you and wishing for 2009 to be YOUR year when all your dreams come true. :)

Btw, I love your hair in that picture... I love that I finally got to see you irl last month... may the new year bring us more chances to scrap together.

xo Barb

Tanya said...

wow..good for you for writing down your goals! I am afraid to in knowing I will fail in them. We have a family goal of becoming for healthy and fit..that damn wii fit is telling us that we are a fat family..all 4 of great work in those last few posts!! Miss ya