Monday, December 1, 2008

Sew Happy :)

Its Monday again already, another round under way :) LOL But it is the first day of DECEMBER and the countdown is officially on! We put up our Christmas tree this weekend, sang carols and drank rum and eggnog :) I made Ryan a fattening breaky Sunday morning and then we headed to the Library to load up on Christmas books before decorating the tree. I made a yummy dinner of roast and a cobbler for dessert (thanks to supperworks :)

Over the weekend we spent our evenings curled up watching movies and I worked on these little textile artworks...collages of sort I guess...they are very me, distressed...fancy art work "RECONSTRUCTED" LOL...very relaxing to do. I am going to put them in shadow boxes.

So today is a big big day for us...maybe more for me LOL. I cut the nipple off Kayleigh's soucy this morning and told her it was broken b/c she is a big girl now who goes potty and does all sorts of other big girl things. I was so anxious going to bed last night in anticipation of this day. And you know what...SHE IS fact she is doing brilliantly!! I am amazed!! Thank-you God, I was really really worried I would break her little heart. But it seems she was ready. She brings it up every now and again, asks to go buy more at SHOPPERS LOL. We had some big tears at first but all seems ok now.

To end today's post here are some super cute pics of Kasey the CHEERIO monster :) This kid is seriously crazy about these little circles.


Stay funny said...

yeahhhhhhhhh for Kayleigh the big girl! A big step and happy that she is adjusting ok!

Love what you did with the fabrics!

Really cool!

Ohhhh and that little Kasey is just adorable!

Enjoy your week!

Tanya said...

um just rocked those fabric pieces..I love the pink and creme ones! They turned out wonderfully. Crossing fingers that K does well tonight without her souce.

barb said...

Oh wow, what AWESOME sewing projects! And congrats to your big girl, Kayleigh, on giving up her soother. Wow, that's a huge step! :D

Shemaine said...

ahooMy Lily is wild about cheerioes too. I personally think they put something in them only kids fancy because I can't stand the smell of