Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Monday

I'll start with an update on Frodo. We took him home Friday afternoon and he was so happy to see me that he POOPED all over me and then we had the great fun of spending about an hour in the car because of strike traffic smelling of POO!! Kayleigh kept saying "STINKY MOMMY" :) So he's been home 3 days and he can pee but we have to carry him outside and hold him up as he still doesn't really have any movement in his legs. We have to carry him everywhere, and give him pain meds, and do physio 4 times a day. In all honesty its really depressing. I've been having anxiety attacks since he got sick and we all just seem a bit down :( He is SUPPOSED to hopefully with diligent and loving care he will be wobbling around soon on his own :)

These are some pics of the Shirts my sis Pookie got the girls for Christmas, I thought Lucie you would enjoy them as they say FOX. Thought of you immediately, and want to wish you and Helen an awesome Christmas.

Here's the annual Santa pic, Kasey is missing b/c she was home sick with the RUNS...yep more POOP....she's been going through about 4-5 sleepers a day...oh the POOP!!!

And finally here are some LO's I did at a crop yesterday...thank-you Ryan for letting me leave you with a sick baby and dog so I could go have fun with my friends :) You are the BEST!!


Stay funny said...

yes so happy that you were able to come and play! Great layouts and love the title of the one of you and me! Need to scrap those pics too! I also love how you finished the double page layout!

Have a great week and hope will go ok with the complete family.

Marlene said...

It was great to see you at the crop Katie. I am glad I chose to attend that one (I am usually absent as well...). Your layouts are gorgeous as usual!