Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mmmmm Tasty Dress

This one is for you Meg It seems that our DD's share a love for a certain yummy Christmas Dress.....


Stay funny said...

So happy that you are back!
Leaving tomorrow at lunch for Ottawa and hoping that I will be able to scrap in the next 3 days before going back to work.
Big hugs, happy new year and all my best wishes for 2009!

one and one + two said...

ohmygoodness...! I am so thrilled to see my little girl in one of your fabulous layouts! I was just admiring all your new layouts (this post and the next one) and it took me a few minutes to realize that one of the girls was Sarah!!! I LOVE IT! That is so awesome.

Rachel said...

OMG that RAWKS! What an awesome surprise for Meg to see!


Closet Artist said...

Yep it took Meg pointing out to me that Sarah was IN the layout for me to realize!! LOL
What a great surprise!