Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dec Daily Day 2- Santa's Little Helper

Ok Ok....I know its not very festive but I had to share because it is just so US. This is Santa's Little Helper using the little green machine all by herself to clean up CAT PUKE...yep that's right my 2 year old cleaning up cat puke! LOL Yes it has happened enough times that my little Santa's Helper knew JUST WHAT TO DO and insisted that she was a big girl and could do it by herself (She is without a Soucy you know :).

I had to crop her back side off the pic as she is preferring to go barebum these days :) The whole pic is even funnier :)


Anonymous said...

What a big girl she is!!! She looks older than 2 katie!!!


Stay funny said...

ohhhhh that's so precious! Wow she knew what to do!!!!
Want to see a pic of you with your new hair.... please post!!!

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh you got a new hair cut Katie!!!! I want to see too!!!


barb said...

omg, she is getting so BIG! How did that happen?!