Sunday, November 16, 2008

Play Tag with Wilna

fun fun fun....Wilna has called Tag and we are IT.

7 weird things about me :)

  1. I have freckles on my left Quad that look like a question mark
  2. when i eat popcorn I eat the crunchy part first and put the puffy part back in the bowl so that at the end I have a big pile of the puffy parts to eat. (disclaimer I only do this when I am not sharing a bowl)
  3. I chew gum like crazy but HATE chewed gum out of the people who put it on their plate or cup to save...uggghhhhh makes me want to barf!
  4. I love cleaning my dog and cats ears!
  5. As a child I loved to have things tickle my arm like the corner of my blanket and I still do.
  6. I love sucking the snot out of baby's nose with the nose bulb. I like gross things I think
  7. eating soup makes me burp
Tag your it!!!


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barb said...

Like I said on Rachel's blog, not sure if I'm brave enough to be as honest as you were... but hey, I had to post here to say I LOVE THAT PICTURE... you had the BEST wedding photographer EVER!