Sunday, November 16, 2008


in Helen's words...I AM FULL. This weekend I have enjoyed every minute with my family. Saturday Kayleigh and I braved the rain and went shopping to pick up a few things for a big Christmas project we are working on together (soon to be shown here at Kataroo's Kitchen). When we got home from shopping we warmed up in our warm snuggly home with baby sister and Daddy. We put up some Christmas decorations, and we worked on our project.

We are putting our Christmas tree in the basement this year. A basement we plan to renovate in the next year sometime but in the meantime is suffering from a stained carpet, and stained couches. So in an effort to make it look nicer for our Christmas decorations and tree (which isn't officially put up till Dec 1st hits) I covered the couches in Ryan's Mom's old quilts. They are these beautiful old quilts that I just love and in doing so the basement was transformed for me into this warm cozy place. Truly, the simple act of placing these quilts on the couch and chair filled me with happiness.

We had friends over that night and talked and talked and had a few wobbly pops. This morning we have played and created together as a family. I took pictures for our Christmas cards, Ryan is working on a video of the kids. We have a babysitter coming over tonight so Ryan and I can go see Bob Dylan.

Can you see why I am FULL....

Well this one put me to STUFFED :) LOL Like after a delicious thanksgiving turkey...

Curled up on the quilt covered couch this morning with my girls, we called Grandma and Kayleigh said I love you Grandma...I cried she cried....I was full....then later we called Grandpa and she told him she loved him while splashing in the tub...Now I am stuffed...good life STUFFED :)

So here are some good pics and some funny ones from today :) Enjoy :)


Stay funny said...

I am happy that you indulged in th simplest and greatest moments of life with your family. The pictures of the grils are amazing and enjoy your night off with huby! Lots of love to you and thanks for the call.

Stay funny said...

ohhhhhhhhh and can't wait to se eyou r secret project!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post katie!!! You are so full of life and love with your family!!! This is beautiful to see!!! You enjoy every moment with them and love them to death. I can see why you are full!! So full!! I bet those quilts are just gorgeous!! Love the pics. will keep an eye out for this secret project.

Rachel said...

YOU ARE SO BLESSED! Love you, Ryan and your turds!