Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy things

Look at what some lucky recipient at our family Chinese gift exchange is going to get!! I saw these ceramic Starbucks ornaments and was like EEEEEEEEEEEE and a $20 gift card in a mitten...can't get better than that. You like Wilna :) LOL

Here's a quick snap shot of the girls playing yesterday. I can't get over how much they play rocks..I sit and blog and they play :) Lucky MOMMY!!!

and BIG NEWS...Kayleigh POO'd on the potty!!! She sat and grunted and pushed, and was very surprised and maybe a bit scared to see what was in the potty LOL!! Much improved from the "MOM I POO FLOOR!!!". She has the pee part down pat now we just need to get the number 2's regular. Today she has been jumping on the potty every 5 min and then saying "just FARTS" MY DAUGHTER EH?


barb said...

omg, she is sooooooo her mother's child. Congrats to Kayleigh! And wow, are they EVER cute, sitting there playing together! YAY! :D

Anonymous said...

katie call me at the shop asap please. I'm hoping you have helens email, i don't have the right number for her and have no idea how to reach her. xoxo genna 825-0053

Stay funny said...

love the pic of the girls!
That's really sweet~!