Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Marmie :)

So my blog world friends my dear sweet Mom is 57 years old today and I thought what better way to celebrate than to give her a little ROAST here at Kataroo's Kitchen. So how about a list of 57 of Mom's BEST moments in no particular order :)

This is going to be fun, are you biting your knuckle yet Mom?? Good thing I live 4 hours away :)

so here we go........

  1. Almost every year growing up while we prepared to open the in ground pool for the summer my mother in typical Harkins' Fiasco Manner would almost or actually fall into the pool.
  2. Once she tried to go all Martha on us and make homemade pizza...she was warming the oven and somehow left an oven mitt in it...which of course started to burn....then once the pizza was all assembled and placed on the GIANT ASS pizza pan...she found out it didn't fit in the she in all her brilliance thought to tilt it up to fit, and of course the greased pan....well the pizza slid off....but she did manage to salvage it in pieces broken up on various still tasted good and was really entertaining.
  3. I think it was 3 Christmas's ago...she was hooking up her new DVD player which was placed ON TOP of their GIANT ASS WAY TO BIG TV...the cord didn't quite reach the plug and she yanked on it and.....the DVD layer fell and hit her in the noggin and KNOCKED MAMA OUT!! When she came to she acted like she was drunk, it was actually quite funny.
  4. One year while putting the boat in the water for the summer (it was spring and really friggen cold out) she FELL in the water and then proceeded to run up to the house through the backyard wet and screaming and taking her clothes off because heaven forbid she get the house yet!!!
  5. One of my personal FAVS, suffering from one of her hot flashes she hikes up her night gown and sticks her ARSE (that one was for you Rachel) in front of the window to get a breeze up her night gown. I'm sure the neighbors loved that one!!
  6. again hot flashes....not uncommon to find Mom lying on the ground almost butt naked in front of a fan COOLING OFF.
  7. Classic choking on the chicken ball while we were eating Chinese, Dad doing the Heimlich and the ball flying...I think Laddie ate it.
  8. ATV'ing it with her son in law Mike, and being to afraid to go down a big hill, she decides to get off and walk (Mom remember your a clutz!!) she falls, smashes her ankle to bits, Mike goes to get help...remeber they are in the bush, mom is dillarious with pain and afraid I bear will eat her and comes up with the brilliant plan to scare them away by singing LULLABIES!!! To think she would of been fine if she had stayed on the ATV and gone down the scarry hill.
  9. Mom's morning routine while we were growing up, fuzzy house coat, cup of coffee, bit of a bear grrr to her (not a morning person) and she would always have one cookie...usually some sort of shortbread with lemon cream middle...only she would always leave one bite un eaten...weird really...and then the classic lifting of the butt cheek :) Oh YES KATHIE CHEEKLIFTER
  10. Mom's office.......I mean bathroom :)
  11. POST IT NOTES!!!!!! Her car dash board would be covered with post it notes reminding her of all the things she neded to do....that was crazy!!!
  12. Sleeping one night having a hot flash as per usual she had her night gown hiked up...Ryan opens her door (why I still do not know) poor guy had no idea it was a FULL WHITE MOON that Mom yells CHESSE and finshes with RICE!!! LOL
  13. SIGNATURE mom...while we growing up when we were in trouble...she would bite her knuckle...and that's when we knew we were in big trouble...Like was she a bear knawing on a bone??
!!!!!!!BLOGGER WARNING....if I go to FIFTY SEVEN!!! the content threatens to crash the server!!!!!!

I guess I will have to cut it short and leave you with this......

"Right in the TITTER" Mom getting hit with a water balloon....


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barb said...

Omg, too funny! I've only met your Marmie once, and she's a lovely soul... but I never would have guessed this was the REAL her. But now that I've read this, I can totally understand where you get it from, Miss Katie.

Happy birthday to your Marmie... I hope she has a wonderful day!