Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello Jesus :)

I have been feeling distant, Lord....a wee bit lost...lost in two kids and lack of sleep and the crankiness of a two year old. My prayers at night have become mechanic and I often loose focus and drift away in selfish thought.

And then this morning while surfing scrap blogs of all things I found this story....and I feel connected again.

Honestly this story is so worth the read!!


Stay funny said...

I was so happy to see you yesterday and also that you reconnected w/Jesus.

one and one + two said...

I love how scrap blogs and the women that write them can be so inspiring, in so many ways. I met Monique this past April {I went to The Scrap Etc Event in Nashville that she put together} and she was so great - she put together such an inspiring event {and so cool with Heidi Swapp, Jenni Bowlin, Wilna F, etc} it was about so much more than just scrapbooking - the women all 'telling thier story' - it was SO very cool.