Friday, August 22, 2008


We leave later today around 7pm for VACATION!!! We are going to PEI for a week, are staying at a beautiful shabby chic cottage on the ocean. Its an a very secluded spot with no other cottages or houses around. The tuna fishing pier is beside us, so we get to see the boats come and go. I would love to see them come in with a TUNA!! Can you imagine the scrapbook page!!! LOL I even have fish paper waiting just in case. We are going with a couple we have known since Highschool and they have a 2 month old baby. We were going with another couple also but the were unable to make it last minute :( Sad news, as Tammy is the bestest cook ever!!! LOL So no internet access for a week YIKES....see you when I get back :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Afternoon OFF

I took the afternoon off from kids, diapers, whining, and dog today :) I treated myself to an afternoon at A Fine Mess, where I painted this whimsical crazy fun painting for Kayleigh's room. I wanted the exercise of walking there (lost 1.5 pounds this week at WW, not a huge but good all chocolate considered LOL). I had all my paint stuff to drag there so I put it the kids wagon and hauled it there...I felt like a hobo :) LOL Ahhhh well I am cool enough to pull it off :) Really LOL

So here is said Masterpiece :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Looky Looky at me :)

I'm on the Bad Girls Blog :) YIPPEEEEEEEEE

Scrapping Wild

I had a wild scrapping date for one last night....tuned out the world...just me and my awesome SS stash.....I did the Pencil Lines Sketch 98 and a crazy fun LO of Kasey. I got a little looped while playing hehehehe....been awhile.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scrap Faith Challenge

I love this blog!! Scrapfaith, you have to check it out....this is a challenge to document an answered prayer. What is so cool about the site is that the DT are all from different faiths :) Worth a read :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Earlier this week I posted a link to a woman’s story about how when God is doing His work in you, you often look and feel like a crazy person. Well, I tell you she’s right. I found myself walking home from the movie theater this evening in the dark balling my eyes out and making some very strange phone calls.

Let me back track….

In my post earlier this week I stated that I felt distant from God, and lost in my own world…well I reached out folks and let Him in…and he’s been working up a storm in my life in this one short week. He has answered my desperate prayer to help my 2 year old sleep through the night, which He did in a most unusual way. Kayleigh painted a really cool jewelry box at A Fine Mess and each night when she wakes up (and this is when she would usually go into hysterical screaming fits until I crawled into bed with her) for some strange reason she asks for her box and plays with it quietly for a few minutes and goes back to sleep on her own, by herself. Can we say AMEN! Its gets better….

Tonight He helped me kick some very old demon ass to the ground! You see I am a 31 year old woman, mother of two that earlier this week found herself daydreaming about binging on food and finding a place a to throw it up. Blunt as that, no glitter on this.

I have lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks on WW and doing so all be it in a healthy manner is drumming up some old thought patterns. I was bulimic (although past tense is questionable given the thoughts I had this week) for a very large part of my youth. After many years of battling this disease I let it go…I stopped torturing myself with dieting and food ultimatums and ate what I wanted when I wanted. There was no more bad food and good food, there was only yummy food. I learned to love myself and my body. I spent 5 plus years getting fatter and fatter but feeling happy and relieved of a burden that I carried for so long. Then I got tired of the big old pouch of a belly (more like a duffel bag) and an ass that you could serve martinis on. So I started WW. The plan works for me because it is not a diet and lets you eat the foods that I love in moderation. But I have spent many many years honing a way of thinking that is hard to let go, and as soon as I started “counting points”, recording what I ate, weighing myself daily, these old thoughts crept back. Case in point Wednesday night, the night before my weigh in at WW. I had eaten up all my points for the day by 6pm (which 9 went to chocolate) and I had to fight all night not to eat anymore….its then that the demons started to creep up…I was literally fantasizing about what I could eat and throw up…thinking that Ryan would be away Thursday night and I could do this. STOP!!! I will lever make myself throw up again; I will not do that to my children, my husband, and most of all myself. I know this like I know I love my daughters. But I still “played with the thoughts.” Thursday as per usual on weigh in day I treated myself to a meal of my choice no problem. Today back on plan….I found myself deviating…chocolate…leftover Chinese…..yikes…I started to feel guilty…I was walking to the movies and thinking in my old black and white all or nothing way “WELL KATIE YOU F’d UP YOU MIGHT AS WELL EAT CHOCOLATE AT THE THEATERE” An all out war was waged in my mind over whether to get fatty food or a simple coffee……I asked for His help….I THEN REALIZED THAT THIS THINKING WAS THE PROBLEM! THAT JUST BECAUSE I HAD EATEN SOMETHING I HADN”T PLANNED ON DIDN”T MEAN THAT I HAD TO ABUSE MY BODY AND MIND BY GIVING IN AND CONTINUING TO OEVREAT. I could accept that some of the things I ate weren’t that healthy today, and take pleasure in the fact that I walked to the theater and enjoy a nice movie without further guilt. AMEN!!! Demon ass kicked to the curb. I won’t go back there.

So I watch this movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants about 4 very good friends, I laugh and cry….and then find myself here…walking home in the dark, all snot nosed and emotional from the battle of the chocolate earlier…and thinking about friendship…and the next thing you know….I am dialing my cell phone and crying and sobbing and asking for forgiveness, interrupting someone while they eat dinner at a restaurant.

So yes, when the Lord is working in you, you feel and act awfully strange…you sit on your porch in the dark crying and snotting on the phone. But you know what? It feels GREAT, it feels sooo GOOD. I feel 100 pounds lighter spiritually.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yahoo, 2 more

Well I managed not to cheat last was torture!!!! I wanted chocolate so bad!! But it was worth it, I went to WW today and I weigh 2 pounds less :) Yippeee Skippeee

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

0 points :(

I have no points left for the day....ate them all by 6:00 pm.....want to eat CHOCOLATE SO BADLY!!!!! So I am scrapping to keep my mind of food...WW weigh in tomorrow morning.

So here's the LO I did tonight, a pic taken on the imac, and I used some old Granny Kitchen stickers from SEI, found it in my stash and thought now here's an oldy but goody. I must admit my Bad Girls is showing here...I would never have mixed these elements together in the past LOL :)

Pencil Lines Sketch #97

I had so much fun with this sketch, I knew just what pic I wanted to use...and I actually layered a smaller identical pic on top of a larger one.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

July BAd Girl LO's

Here are the rest of my July Bad Girls LO's.....I LOVED this kit!!!!!!!!!!!

OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up to very happy news today...I won the JULY APRON CHALLENGE at BAD GIRLS! Here a pic of my LO and the APRON that I can't wait to tie on :)

This kit rocks girls....its so challenging and artsy and has really made me grow as a SCRAP-ARTIST :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello Jesus :)

I have been feeling distant, Lord....a wee bit lost...lost in two kids and lack of sleep and the crankiness of a two year old. My prayers at night have become mechanic and I often loose focus and drift away in selfish thought.

And then this morning while surfing scrap blogs of all things I found this story....and I feel connected again.

Honestly this story is so worth the read!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Keisha Inspiration

I was really taken by the album that Keisha did (see previous post) and tried my hand at something similar......must admit I really struggled and through out a few pages :( I had a hard time just leaving the pages raw....i wanted to add lots of stuff LOL :)

Oh well :)

Inspiration Saturday

ok lets get those creative juices flowing I have scoured the internet for inspiration....and I challenge you to take one of these ideas and make it your own, post a link to your project here in the comments section.

GaelledeLarmor (love the painted cardboard)

Ingvild Bolme (bada)

Carol Wingert (love the tags with photos)

Danielle Flanders (Home)

Rita Weiss (Jenni Bowlin chipboard home decoration)

Rita Weiss (love the white flocked butterflies, and white chipboard)

Keisha Campbell (raw chipboard album)

Friday, August 8, 2008

pencil lines sketch

this is my take on this weeks Pencil Lines Sketch (#96). I used gesso to apply brown paper bag to the CS and the gessoed over that, I drew flowers with white fab paint....oh and I applied green paint with a credit card...a little doodling and some coloring with pastal :) The pics are comic book effect taken with photo booth feature on our imac :)