Tuesday, July 29, 2008

oh la la

I got some yummies in the mail today...AMY BUTLER fabric...yep I am going to learn how to sew :) So stay tuned for some fun projects :)

Also, here's a project I did tonight...I spray painted a prima tin black and made a shadow box for Kayleigh's pink and black room.


Stay funny said...

LOOK AT THAT FABRIC!!!!!!! oufffff i need to take some air... my heart is palpitating so hard! Can't wait ot see want you will create!!!! Love the sadowbox for Kayleigh, it's absolutly beautiful.

Lori said...

Oooh, gorgeous fabrics! I'd love to see how you use them! And that shadow box is so cute!

Linda F. said...

Major drool-worthy fabric! I have 2 pieces of AB fabric and an AB purse pattern sitting in my sewing stash (which is bigger than my fiber stash but not quite as bit as my scrapping stash). Inspire me, please!