Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My girls

Time for a an update (ok bragging session lol). Kasey is 3 and half months old. We put her in the BUMBO for the first time last night at dinner. Just popped her right on the table. I especially love the pic of her next to the sauce bottles, puts an interesting perspective on size eh?
She loved it, a whole new view on the world. This past Sunday we started putting her to bed at the same time as her sister at 7:30pm and we now have our evenings kid free :) I seriously had no idea babies could be so amazing, she is so happy, doesn't even wake up crying, she coos all the time and she is just AWESOME!! Oh and she laughs at her sister!! She has the cutest old lady no teeth laugh :)

Kayleigh is doing much better, has been in a much better mood. We went through a very difficult few weeks were she was so cranky and awful!! I thought I was going to loose my mind. We started using timeout and that has helped a lot. She has been so super cute of late. She says TANK-YOU MOMMY ......all the time...like I was cleaning her room and she thanked me!! Oh and get this I was changing her diaper and I was surprised to find a big poop and said, "oh you didn't tell me you had a poop" and her response was..."I BIG FART!!!" Ahhh she is my DD. :)

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Stay funny said...

Bellasima.... sh'es so adorable! Big hugs to her... growing up!