Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Scrap Resume

Thanks to the most helpful advice from BAD GIRLS DT Member Bethany on how to sell yourself as a Scrap Artist I have created a scrap resume. (link also found to the right on my blog)Please check out Bethany's blog its full of really helpful tips on how to market yourself.

i heart mac photobooth

this is addictive :)


Better went to WW and lost 2.5 pounds :) that's 9 in 3 weeks and 39 since the baby popped out :)


UGHHHH in such a rotten mood today....went to bed with a mojor allergy attack, took pills through out the night and no relief, I am a snotty, itchy, grumpy girl today!! I need to change my attitude fast!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My girls

Time for a an update (ok bragging session lol). Kasey is 3 and half months old. We put her in the BUMBO for the first time last night at dinner. Just popped her right on the table. I especially love the pic of her next to the sauce bottles, puts an interesting perspective on size eh?
She loved it, a whole new view on the world. This past Sunday we started putting her to bed at the same time as her sister at 7:30pm and we now have our evenings kid free :) I seriously had no idea babies could be so amazing, she is so happy, doesn't even wake up crying, she coos all the time and she is just AWESOME!! Oh and she laughs at her sister!! She has the cutest old lady no teeth laugh :)

Kayleigh is doing much better, has been in a much better mood. We went through a very difficult few weeks were she was so cranky and awful!! I thought I was going to loose my mind. We started using timeout and that has helped a lot. She has been so super cute of late. She says TANK-YOU MOMMY ......all the I was cleaning her room and she thanked me!! Oh and get this I was changing her diaper and I was surprised to find a big poop and said, "oh you didn't tell me you had a poop" and her response was..."I BIG FART!!!" Ahhh she is my DD. :)

oh la la

I got some yummies in the mail today...AMY BUTLER fabric...yep I am going to learn how to sew :) So stay tuned for some fun projects :)

Also, here's a project I did tonight...I spray painted a prima tin black and made a shadow box for Kayleigh's pink and black room.

Monday, July 28, 2008


yep big surprise...I scrapped tonight :) LOL this is the pic I took of Kasey a few weeks ago where I used a glue dot to affix a prima flower to her head :)

Note: I see some of the pom poms moved in the scanner :) LOL

Another BG July LO Link

Here's my last Apron Entry for :)

A LO by Stephanie

look at this gorgeous LO Stephanie did....recognize the cute kid LOL?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Party at Bad Girls!!

Here are the party hat and place setting I made for the BG birthday party!!

More entries

A couple more entries in the July Apron Contest at Bad and here :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weight Loss Journal

I made a mini album to document my Weight Loss journey...I thought I would enter a journal page every goal is a size I think I may need to do another album LOL :)

On another note have you seen DONNA?????? WOW WOW WOW

Now its done :)

Looking at this LO online I decided it wasn't quite finished LOL :) Now it is :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More July BG Kit LO's

oooooooh loving my July BG Kit!!!! So many pretties to play with :)

The first LO was a major struggle, just couldn't get what I had in my mind to work on the paper. I used blue acrylic paint and brown water color pencil to make the scallop border and the borders on the pic.

The 2nd LO is inspired by Christine Middlecamp's style :) Note: the MM journal paper on the LO had a green border which didn't suit the LO so I cut it off and then mounted it on an orange cs and cut it out...voila custom :)


So the walk to WW is about 30 min, guess how long it took me and I was boot'n it????? 55min...I got lost!!! Yep only girl that would get lost in her own neighborhood LOL.

Good news.....LOST 3 Pounds...that's 6.5 in 2 weeks :)

Thank-you Stephanie for being my inspiration!!!

Check out her blog!! and other things

Ok I have to give her a SHOUT OUT!! you must go check out Stephanie's blog if you haven't already. She just added an awesome playlist of music. I have been going to certain blogs of late just to listen to their music, its like listening to the radio for me :) I love her blog because she updates it often and we all know how much we hate going to a blog and seeing the same post you saw the last 3 times LOL :) You know you are out there in the blog world :) (ok I admit I have been guilty too :)

I'm off soon to try dragging the kids to WW for my weigh in wish me luck both with the kids and the weigh in.

toots to you all :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New LO with July BG KIt

Here's the link

I can't post a pic yet b/c I entered it in the July Apron contest.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bad Girls Birthday Scraplift Challange

Having a blast......participated in the birthday scraplift challange at BAD GIRLS....went a wee bit crazy on the paint all over me, even my boob crack for real!!!

Here's the link

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm a Mommy too :)

A quickie LO done while K was napping Sat afternoon. I wanted to do a messy collage of stuff :) I like this a lot :) TFL

At home with Kids :)

I am facinated by how people make kid stuff work in their home, how they make child freindly homes, how they organize kid crap, how they make all the kid crap look good with your own stuff. So here are some pics of some of our kid zones....please take pics too and post a comment with a link your blog :)

Let's play :)

Our living room is very modern, its a LIV IN ROOM LOL we spend a lot of time here, its connected to the kitchen and has a tv so you can guess why. LOL The couch and chaise are leather which actually wipes clean really easily...Kayleigh eats and jumps and plays on these. I have glass tables which look super cool but are so prone to sticky 2 year old finger prints..I finally covered the coffee table in a vinyl table cloth to avoid the 2-3 windex sessions per day. The cover lasts about 1-2 months and then is changed as it gets dirty with paint and crayons. (another plus we can play with messy things in this room knowing everything wipes clean easily no fabric or rugs to deal with) We have a cool ikea chair for Kayleigh in this room, and a rocker in the other. Baskets under the kitchen buffet hold books for Kayleigh and are frequently rifled thru. A basket serves a holding ground for diaper stuff under the microwave on the kitchen counter. My fridge is mom organizing central with a calender and lots of LISTS!!! We have a huge step chest that has tons of storage for toys, diapers, art supplies etc....we are soon replacing this with an ikea besta storage system. We keep the girls toys in a variety of bins and they are stored in the unfinished part of the basement (laundry room) I switch out the bins of toys to keep things fresh and interesting. I recently found a green bamboo picnic basket to keep Kayeigh's art supplies in. I even have a table with little toys on display to play up the theme of children :)