Friday, June 20, 2008

More barf and lentils

Let me back track for effect...I had the flash flu last week, and this week have been taking care of a barfy flu-y almost 2 yr old....see sick pic in prev post. I have had K puke on her sis's head, and had the dog eat said puke....DouDou has been puked on a million gazillion times!!

Well last night Ryan came home with guess what? The flu....more barf and runs....and then THE DOG THE DAMN DOG got sick, and has had the runs and barfs since last hello?????

On a positive note I made my lentils last night, prepared a ton of lentils and barely and put them in family serv size freezer bags. Then for dinner I fried an onion, shredded carrot, some raisins in olive oil...garlic too....cumin, curry powder, added barley and lentils and hoison with sliced almonds....MMMMMMMMMM...just had some left overs for lunch :)

Ooh also got my Bad Girls kit yesterday and finsihed the sketch LO and am working on the Apron challenge. Ver fun stuff, crazy colors!!!

Oh yeah and DAMN YOU BARNEY...bloody barney was doing crafts on tv today so at 7am K wanted to craft!! So out came the glue stick with my coffee :) LOL

Happy Friday to all :)

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