Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all :)

I want to wish my Daddy a very special Happy Father's day. It is on this day especially that I am reminded how important my Father is to me and how very lucky I am to have him.

You see I have a very special Daddy! He has this very special way of brightening up my soul....I don't know how he does it...but when I need it most (and sometimes I don't even know I need it because I have veered so far off my path) he says just the right words to warm my soul. When I was little it was I love you's and ahh's, in University it was letters and phone calls that made me not give up and believe in myself, as an adult there are words that make me feel like the very best mother and daughter I can be. It was only a few months ago that my Daddy called me up out of the blue just to tell me how much he loved the LO I did on Rachel as a soldier and mother and how talented he thought I was and how I should prusue my creative passions. I hung up the phone feeling so loved and inspired to create.

I am one very lucky girl, and I love you DADDY.

Have a wonderful Father's Day :)

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