Thursday, May 22, 2008

I finally got my hair done :)

So last night Ryan braved the witching hour while I went and got my hair done. After a poll with my YaYa's I decided to get highlights and lowlights. It was very relaxing to be out of the house after being cooped up with all of us sick the last few days, so relaxing that I fell asleep under the dryer. Afterward, I called Ryan to see how he was and if he would mind me staying out to shop, he was up to his ears in fussy baby and trying to get the other to bed but said go for it. So I shopped and got some new booby holders and had fun looking at organizing stuff at staples. I picked up cool binders to store recipes I tear out of mag's in and another for pics I tear out for home decor.

So here's a pic of my hair, ignore the no make up, sick face. Who am I kidding when do I wear make up LOL. Also a pic I took of Kayleigh the other day playing Mommy. She is sitting in the spot I always sit in to feed her sister. She even has her own burp cloth out. She will make a great mommy some day.


Tanya said...

Looks great Katie...I love the colours...your hair looks very healthy in that pic!

Anonymous said...


I keep checking your blog... you are such a terrific person!
I miss you dearly!


Robyn de Weerd said...

Simply, beautiful.

Stay funny said...

Looks amazing Katie! Will stop by tomorrow to pop a little visit!

Anonymous said...

Your soooooooo pretty Katie, I love it, and maybe one day Kare Bear can put your make-up on and do a photoshoot!!! I can't wait to see these pics scrapped, they are just precious.

You tell Ryan that he is a great daddy (reminds me of JP when mine were lil babes and I needed to get the heck out of the house), and give Kaleigh a kiss and hug from Kare Bear, she will make a great mommy just like hers one day :)

Kare Bear

barb said...

I'm glad you had a chance to have some time to yourself... Ryan sounds like an amazing dad. :)
Your hair is beautiful... and Kayleigh is adorable being a little mommy. :)