Friday, April 18, 2008

Kasey Patricia Squires

I am so proud to announce the arrival of my second daughter, Kasey :) She was born Tuesday, April 15th, weighing 7.15 pounds. Here are some pics of the little one. I will post more details when I find some energy :) LOL.


brn2scrp said...

Bless your heart for taking time out of what must surely be an exhausting, busy return home to post pictures of this precious new addition. She is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics, and to hear how big sister is holding up! Congrats, big hugs, and here's hoping you manage to get some sleep!

Linda F. said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

OMG Katie she is gorgeous!!! No bumchin???? LOL Look at the head of hair too...OH MY.. I am glad John is snipped cause I am ovulating and would do something foolish right no if he wasn't..LOL

Can't wait to hold you babygirl... this Auntie already loves you so very much!!


barb said...

Oh oh oh, she is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations to you and Ryan and Kayleigh. :)

Mellisa said...

She is so so so beautiful. Many congratulations again to you, Ryan and Kayleigh. I am so happy to see her and can't wait to meet her IRL. Love & Hugs to you.

Stay funny said...

Absolutly beautiful! Congradulations to the both of you! A sweet kiss to her and a big hug to Kayleigh. Will see you soon.
Stéphanie xx

Anonymous said...

OMG Katie, she's beautiful, congratulations again, I absolutely can't wait to meet her, hold her, kiss her, coo at her, ya know, the crazy things that Karen does lol. I also can't wait to mee the other lil princess :) its been wayyyyyyyy too long.

Big hugs to everyone
Luv Kare Bear

Anonymous said...

Katie, she is utterly beautiful ! Congratulations to your family !


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

She is so pretty! Congratulations to you both and to the big sister! I hope everything went well for you.

barb said...

Have to add one more thing... if our first boy had been a girl, we would have named him Patricia. If our second had been a girl, her name would have been Kathryn, but we would have called her Katie. How cool is that?!

Robyn~ said...

Oh I'm so behind on the times! Welcome new baby Kasey!! So thrilled fro you darlin! Blessings to you all,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Katie! She is so adorable. :o)

Have fun with your baby girls together! What fun you will have with them.

Big hugs!