Friday, March 14, 2008

Play Date

Today was an awesome day!! Tanya and her little girl Hadley came to play. I think Hadley is the most adorable and funny little girl and I have long been wanting to see her and Kayleigh together. Hadley is 2.5 years old and Kayleigh is 20 months old. Hadley came in and went straight for the toys, and the two of them played more or less independently at first. Once they warmed up to each other they were laughing and laughing and spinning each other in the rocket chair and playing peek a boo. I loved it, it was so fun to watch. They even had poos at the same time. I see a definite life long friendship here, hehehehe. Of course hanging out with Tanya rocked too, having someone to talk to about mommy and kid stuff and life in general. Hello ADULT TALK!!! Thank-you guys so much for making the long drive out here. Here are some pics ENJOY :) Please ignore the darn soucy in K's mouth LOL.


Mellisa said...

OMG!!! Look at them playing smiling and laughing and hugging eachother. *insert emptiness here* QUICK!!! Someone give me their ovaries and uterus .... fast! lol

Stay funny said...

looks like they had lots of fun! So happy that you had some good quality time with Tanya!
hugs xxx