Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A LO for Rachel

I made this LO for Rachel, after she showed me a photo that really touched me.

The 3 rings that the photo, tiltle and bird are sitting on are lifted off the page, the scan doesn't show the dimension well.


When you first showed me this picture, I started to cry. Now it may have had something to do with being pregnant but I believe the tears were for what the picture represented. I look at this photo and I see many things. I see a soldier. I see a Mother. I see my dear friend. I see a soldier carrying and comforting a child, this could be here on Canadian soil as easily as it could be on Afghanistan soil. When I look at this picture I think of what you must face, the struggle to be both solider and mother, to serve and protect our soldiers and at the same time leave your children and family to face unknown travesties. I am filled with pride when I look at this photo, pride in knowing that my Rachel is one of the very best in her field and that one day she will be saving the lives of our troops and taking care of them with the same compassion you see here in this photo. I also know that you are a great mother to your two little girls, and they too are proud of their mother. I pray for your safety, your wholeness, your spirit, your family. I pray that God will grant us more soldiers like you.


Mellisa said...

awww!! I am so shedding tears right now. What an INCREDIBLE layout. I think one of may favs ever.

I have heard you talk about this photo that touched you so deeply on many occassions yet I had never ever seen it. So deep and so profound ... and so emotional. Your journalling couldnt have been any better.

Greatest, biggest hugs to all my Ya-Yas. We are all so proud of you, Rachel for you have a pride in this country far deeper than the 4 of us combined show. You truly are a Canadian Hero. xxoo

barb said...

OHMYGOSH... I am crying too. And no, not pregnant. lol This is beautiful. I love it, Katie... so touching, and what a beautiful photo of Rach!

Robyn~ said...

This is beautiful. Wow...nice job!

Stay funny said...

Same here... tears on my checks and all over my keyboard. Love the journaling Katie...it really touched me. Really this is a great page. So happy and proud to count you as my friend Rach...

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

I've tried to leave you a comment but couldn't get out what i had to say... so please go read my blog entry today..

I love you!



Jen said...

I saw this LO first on Rachel's blog (I'm a fellow Bad Girl) and followed the link to here so I could comment on it.
It's stunningly beautiful. You did such a good job. The journaling really got to me. It's beautifully written and made me think of my own mother who used to be in the military.
Great job. I really love it.

Michelle said...

Absolutely amazing, Katie! The journalling is heartfelt and poignant. Awesome photo of Rachel.