Friday, March 21, 2008

36 Weeks!!

Yahooo today I am 36 weeks preggers!!! Only 4 weeks to go :)

I am so getting excited to see what has been growing and wiggling and kicking in my tummy. I felt a giant foot the other day and was trying to fig out if it was a girl or boy foot. Will the baby have a bum chin like Kayleigh? Oh so many questions!!

We are heading home today for the holidays. My first trip outside in 5 days. Kayleigh and I have been house bound with the flu, not fun at all :( I have packed a baby car seat and a baby bag just case anything pops out while we are away. If I am prepared nothing will happen , fingers crossed. No baby till after navcan!!!

Happy Easter to all, and thank-you Jesus for your most precious gift, our salvation.


Mellisa said...

Wow! Almost here. I have to admit though. This time around it seems like you have been preggers forever. I can only imagine how it feels for you. LOL

Happy Easter.

barb said...

Wow, 36 weeks! I hope you have a nice trip to see your family... stay in there, baby! :P