Thursday, March 13, 2008

20 months old

Kayleigh turned 20 months old on the 9th of March. I am truly amazed at how fast time goes by. So here is a little update on all things new.

She has learned to say:
socks, shoes, boots, mine, ofa has become frofro (that's her dog Frodo), Dou Dou (her bunny), juice, towel, boo, booboo, soucy (her pacifer), bab-ese (her blankets), Elmo, no, Brandy (my mom's dog), Beverely (no idea who this is, imaginary friend?)

She now makes gestures:
she crosses her arms when proud of an accomplishment, she does the whatever arms, shakes her head yes and no, and shhh's with her finger to her mouth.

She has finally gotten into TV (yeah for me) LOL
She loves to watch Elmo, Dora, Play with me Seasame, and THE BIG COMFY COUCH (her fav) and she even tried to do the clock stretches with Lunnette.

She completed her first session of swimming lessons and learned to:
jump into my arms in the pool, slide down the slide into the pool (into my arms), do under water passes, blow bubbles in the water, front and back floats assisted.

She loves the pool, water in general, and had no fear, even when mom misses her and she goes under water off the slide :) LOL

She has become very attached to her doudou and soucy, once only used at sleep times. She began to sneak them downstairs in a variety of ways, hiding them in a purse, trying to hide them under her shirt, throwing the over the banner (really cute). Anyway, she now carries them everywhere with her and talks about them constantly. My friends have said she will get rid of them when she is ready, and there are much worse habits for her to have. Plus, it is really cute just how much she loves that darn DouDou :) The other night she was crying and I went in her room, she was half asleep and said in the sweetest saddest voice "Mommy Doudou", she had lost him under the covers. My heart just turned to mush :) LOL

In the last month she has been more quiet during the day, almost like she knows poor old tired preggers Mommy needs the rest, and she turns into a wild child when Daddy gets home :) LOL.

I so enjoy her, she makes me laugh, and she warms my heart and I am sooo thankful to have been blessed with her, my little girl Kayleigh.


Mellisa said...

Oh dear .... I just got all warm and fuzzy reading this. She really is a little girl now, isnt she? It's been way too long since I have seen her. Methinks I need to visit. :)

Stay funny said...

I was happy to pop by yesterday and enjoy both your company! So happy to have a big hug from Kayleigh at the end of my visit and that I was honored with the privilege of getting the remote! Hugs to you my dear friend Katie and thanks for the short but very good talk and for your prayers... That really means alot coming from you, even my tears at the reconnect!
Love you lots and wish you a great day.
Stéphanie xx

Robyn~ said...

Her chin "bum" is so cute! My how she's grown!

Barb said...

Aw man, she is adorable... and she sounds like a real character. Sweet but getting towards that independence that you KNOW is coming (along with the terrible twos! lol), but hey, it's all part of growing up. I love that you blogged all this because she WILL change so much so fast... it never stops, and what seem like insignificant details today will be cherished memories in coming years.

Big (((hugs))) to the tired mommy.