Sunday, March 30, 2008

hello :)

Wow its seems like forever since I have blogged. The last two weeks have been very isolating. First Kayleigh, Ryan and I getting the flu for a week and then having to leave for a week unexpectedly Easter Friday. I tell you it feels good to be home and well. Even got to do a little scrapping tonight which was really needed since I missed the Navcan weekend with all my best friends. It felt really good to do something creative, and the March Jenni Bowlin Kit was just the thing.


Friday, March 21, 2008

36 Weeks!!

Yahooo today I am 36 weeks preggers!!! Only 4 weeks to go :)

I am so getting excited to see what has been growing and wiggling and kicking in my tummy. I felt a giant foot the other day and was trying to fig out if it was a girl or boy foot. Will the baby have a bum chin like Kayleigh? Oh so many questions!!

We are heading home today for the holidays. My first trip outside in 5 days. Kayleigh and I have been house bound with the flu, not fun at all :( I have packed a baby car seat and a baby bag just case anything pops out while we are away. If I am prepared nothing will happen , fingers crossed. No baby till after navcan!!!

Happy Easter to all, and thank-you Jesus for your most precious gift, our salvation.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making Memories Blog is looking SWEET today

My YaYa Stephanie is the guest designer on the Making Memories blog today, and her LO is so beautiful! It is so full of details that I just want to reach out and touch it. Awesome work, girl. Please check it out at Making Memories. Oh and I can't believe I almost forgot leave a comment at both sites and you could win a sweet sweet RAK :)

Monday, March 17, 2008


My YaYa Rachel, AKA Doodlebug tagged me, so here we go :)

7 Random Facts about me:

1. I have freckles above my right knee that form a question mark (?) LOL Sort of fitting.

2. I pee my pants when I cough or sneeze

3. I love japenese food, really really love it.

4. I love my DD's Bum Chin

5. I am not a phone person

6. My husband has a red furry bum LOL

7. My DH and I have matching Tat's, Japenese characters that mean FOREVER.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Play Date

Today was an awesome day!! Tanya and her little girl Hadley came to play. I think Hadley is the most adorable and funny little girl and I have long been wanting to see her and Kayleigh together. Hadley is 2.5 years old and Kayleigh is 20 months old. Hadley came in and went straight for the toys, and the two of them played more or less independently at first. Once they warmed up to each other they were laughing and laughing and spinning each other in the rocket chair and playing peek a boo. I loved it, it was so fun to watch. They even had poos at the same time. I see a definite life long friendship here, hehehehe. Of course hanging out with Tanya rocked too, having someone to talk to about mommy and kid stuff and life in general. Hello ADULT TALK!!! Thank-you guys so much for making the long drive out here. Here are some pics ENJOY :) Please ignore the darn soucy in K's mouth LOL.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

20 months old

Kayleigh turned 20 months old on the 9th of March. I am truly amazed at how fast time goes by. So here is a little update on all things new.

She has learned to say:
socks, shoes, boots, mine, ofa has become frofro (that's her dog Frodo), Dou Dou (her bunny), juice, towel, boo, booboo, soucy (her pacifer), bab-ese (her blankets), Elmo, no, Brandy (my mom's dog), Beverely (no idea who this is, imaginary friend?)

She now makes gestures:
she crosses her arms when proud of an accomplishment, she does the whatever arms, shakes her head yes and no, and shhh's with her finger to her mouth.

She has finally gotten into TV (yeah for me) LOL
She loves to watch Elmo, Dora, Play with me Seasame, and THE BIG COMFY COUCH (her fav) and she even tried to do the clock stretches with Lunnette.

She completed her first session of swimming lessons and learned to:
jump into my arms in the pool, slide down the slide into the pool (into my arms), do under water passes, blow bubbles in the water, front and back floats assisted.

She loves the pool, water in general, and had no fear, even when mom misses her and she goes under water off the slide :) LOL

She has become very attached to her doudou and soucy, once only used at sleep times. She began to sneak them downstairs in a variety of ways, hiding them in a purse, trying to hide them under her shirt, throwing the over the banner (really cute). Anyway, she now carries them everywhere with her and talks about them constantly. My friends have said she will get rid of them when she is ready, and there are much worse habits for her to have. Plus, it is really cute just how much she loves that darn DouDou :) The other night she was crying and I went in her room, she was half asleep and said in the sweetest saddest voice "Mommy Doudou", she had lost him under the covers. My heart just turned to mush :) LOL

In the last month she has been more quiet during the day, almost like she knows poor old tired preggers Mommy needs the rest, and she turns into a wild child when Daddy gets home :) LOL.

I so enjoy her, she makes me laugh, and she warms my heart and I am sooo thankful to have been blessed with her, my little girl Kayleigh.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

someone please hide my CC

UH you know how easy and instantly gratifying it is to buy digi kits online that you can play with right away and not have to wait to be delivered? Its real easy!!! This could be a problem. LOL

Ok so last night I said that the digi LO's were kind of fun, but they do seem to suit me right now b/c I am really pooped but still want to play and its also really easy to plop myself on the couch with just a laptop to play. Still not nearly as cool or as much fun as paper scrapping, but its a nice little experiment.

I want to try printing some of the elements, tags etc that I have bought to use in LO's the old fashion way.

Anyway, here is tonights creation. ummmm don't look to closely or you will see the ummm imperfections LOL. This is a Rhonna Farrer kit.

Baby Update

I had an ultra sound today, at 34.5 weeks. All is well with baby, it is 5.5 pounds and has lots of amniotic fluid (kayleigh had low fluid). I got to see its face, it was really cute if a baby can look cute in an ultrasound. I was pretty much in awe....thinking OMG I am having a baby!!! LOL

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My fisrt Digi LO

This is my first digi LO. It was sort of fun. I like that you can move things around really easily and not have to worry about your adhesive. But the resizing of images is a pain and for me a guessing game. Not nearly as fun as paper scrapping, where you get to touch and feel things and get dirty. Might be fun for when I travel home for holidays and don't want to carry all my scrap stuff. I bought this kit on 2peas, by Tia Bennet. I also have downloaded a bunch of free stuff. The stuff you pay for is a lot nicer, and there is some stuff on 2peas I would like to get even just to do hybrid scraping. Anyway, TFL.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jumpin on the "Hay Wagon"

As Stephanie would say, "I am jumping on the Hay Wagon" and have tried my hand at a new banner. This is it for now, although I may post another and see what everyone likes best. Thanks for the tip Steph, making a template first really helped. This is from a digikit on 2peas.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jenni Bowlin Kit and some vintage paper from Rachel

Ok so Rachel got this huge swap bag full of vintage goodies from her Bad Girls Site. I saw this piece of paper from a children's book and it matched the Feb Jenni Bowlin kit perfectly. Sorry Steph, for getting to it before you :) LOL and thanks for sharing Rachel :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A LO for Rachel

I made this LO for Rachel, after she showed me a photo that really touched me.

The 3 rings that the photo, tiltle and bird are sitting on are lifted off the page, the scan doesn't show the dimension well.


When you first showed me this picture, I started to cry. Now it may have had something to do with being pregnant but I believe the tears were for what the picture represented. I look at this photo and I see many things. I see a soldier. I see a Mother. I see my dear friend. I see a soldier carrying and comforting a child, this could be here on Canadian soil as easily as it could be on Afghanistan soil. When I look at this picture I think of what you must face, the struggle to be both solider and mother, to serve and protect our soldiers and at the same time leave your children and family to face unknown travesties. I am filled with pride when I look at this photo, pride in knowing that my Rachel is one of the very best in her field and that one day she will be saving the lives of our troops and taking care of them with the same compassion you see here in this photo. I also know that you are a great mother to your two little girls, and they too are proud of their mother. I pray for your safety, your wholeness, your spirit, your family. I pray that God will grant us more soldiers like you.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Prepare to laugh at me :)

This video was taken during winterlude. I thought heavy people were supposed to slide faster, but I think this baby is throwing of my center of gravity...check out this embarrassing video :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Winter be gone

Oh so tired of winter and am busy scrapping my winter photos b/c when this snow is gone I won't want to be reminded of it!! LOL

Here's tonights LO, the background was made by painting on bubble wrap and stamping on the CS. Just a fun free style LO. TFL.