Friday, February 15, 2008

Officially too damn fat :)

I am 31 weeks pregnant and now officially too damn fat too:

  • do the buttons up on my winter coat
  • bend over to do anything without feeling like passing out
  • get out of the tub without a crane
  • reach my toes to apply nail polish
  • not graze doors and corners with my belly
  • to sleep comfortable at night
  • to go more than hour without having to pee

I am also starting to waddle, something Ryan thinks is bloody hilarious :) nice nice.

Oh and yesterday when I was taking a bath Ryan said I looked like a TUBMARINE...I was like WHAT!!! and he said no no no I mean you like Kayleigh's toy the tubmarine all submerged in the water, yeah right I think he was making a fat joke :)


barb said...

I'm sure you look BEAUTIFUL, despite all that! lol. :)

Mellisa said...

Men don't get it. When I was pregnant with Hannah I was swollen from knees to toes. Kevin laughed and told me I had cankles. I cried. Kevin laughed harder. Hmph!

You look beautiful, I am sure and will prove it when I see you next weekend for photos.

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

Ryan sucks!