Wednesday, January 23, 2008

vent :(

Poor old me LOL. Just needing to complain...I got over a nasty bought of bronchitis couple weeks ago only to now have gotten a cold. My nose is a snot factory and i can't stop coughing, and when I cough I pee, and barf. I am a nightmare. I was playing scrabble with my sis last week at her house and I had a sneezing fit and peed my pants on her chair, I peed on her bloody chair!!! Kayleigh had a rough week last week at my sis' she didn't sleep at night so neither did I and she didn't nap well, and now that we are home she has developed a nasty habit of throwing huge FITS like a 2 year old, I thought I had a few months of cute little girl left. Needless to say I am tired and cranky and did I mention I keep peeing my pants!! NAVCAN, I am counting the days!!!

A few LO's I did last night after scrabble, which by the way I have lost to Ryan 3 nights in a row!!! errrrrrrrrrrrrr


Mellisa said...

Oh boy do I feel you pain, this week. Well - almost, at least. Without the tantruming child and peeing of the pants, of course. I didnt go to work Monday, attempted on Tuesday only to come home and will - if I get my way - be staying home for the rest of the week. This cold stuff SUCKS!
Feel better soon. I am so envious of you being able to create when you feel this way. Wish I could too.

Stay funny said...

Well at lease your back home! Love the Magic LO, it's freaken georgous!
Hugs and hope to see you soon!