Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Morn'n Peeps

Happy Hump Day :)

Today Kayleigh is 18 months old :) She is currently sitting at the kitchen table,on a chair she got onto by herself eating raisins (her new fav) and bannanas , while watching Dora (I have that damn song in my head at night when I can't sleep LOL). SO Mommy is happily surfing the net with some tea. So my new obsession is Scrabble (my family is addicted to it) Ryan and I ave been playing every night since Saturday. We take forever, like 2-3 hours per game, we are so serious, and he takes forever to take a turn, thinking about each possible move and so forth. I have had to start bringing a book to the game to read in between turns or risk losing my sanity. My mom refuses to play with him b/c he takes so damn long. But he does often win :) LOL

So today we are planning a trip to the Hospital so I can ha my glucose test, yep more than hour in a clinic with a toddler, should be fun, wish me luck :)

Oh and in case your wandering I have been working on my new painting a bit each night, and hope to soon have it done. This scrabble thing is seriously getting in the way of my creative time.


Stay funny said...

Happy that your having fun playing with Ryan, us it's crib...! hope it goes well at the doctors!

Mellisa said...

Ohh - I love scrabble. I play Literati on yahoo games all the time (their version of scrabble) Its the one game Kevin wont play with me because I can beat him at it. Wheenie! So glad you have that nice time together. Hope all goes well with your test.

Robyn~ said...

Lovely work! And good luck with the LOOONNGGG games of Scrabble! Don't use too many bad words!