Monday, January 21, 2008

back home

It is so nice to be home, no matter how nice a visit we have away, there is something about my own bed that just can't be beat :)

Had some time to do a little scrapping last night and also want to share some fun I had playing with water colors and ink.


Mellisa said...

Welcome Home. Great canvas. Is it going in her big girl room?

Robyn~ said...

Welcome home Darlin! Looks like your creativity has been nothing but increased!

Stay funny said...

ok that's weird.... typing my memo and an error occured! Ok let's try this again!
Welcome home and hope you had lots of fun @ your sister's and missed you lots!
We had you in our toughts on Friday night@ your Yaya reunion! The restaurant was delectable and ask mell Here she put her head arround 10h45~ 11h!
Hugs and can't wait to see you!