Thursday, January 31, 2008


Another pic of the girls, I have been itching to use these chandelier rubons form hambly, super cool. I like this one a lot. Makes up for the other LOL.


I have been itching to use this PRIMA Paintables paper, it was hard to add embellies to it, the title is painted on water color paper and then cut out. I also painted stickled on. Its ok, not loving it, but ok :)

The dangers of watching TV and ignoring the Turd

The funny thing is I knew she was being really quiet and that was a bad sign but I though oh its so nice and quiet and really how bad could it be :) LOL

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sat night LO

I have been scrapping all weekend, well in the evening when the baby turd is in bed. I guess my yaya Rachel is out to out do me though as she stayed up to 4:30 am last night and you should see the amazing stuff she made, check her blog out on my links section, because I am too freak'n lazy to link it here. :) LOL

Friday, January 25, 2008

A few more

Scrapp'n night, :) Movies, jubes and scrappin' oh what a little piece of heaven :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bad Girls

Yipppppeeeee I got my Bad Girls Kit for Jan, and its full of awesome bright funky stuff. This is my first LO with it. It came with 3 mini bottles of doodlebug glitter, mmmmmm, so fun and messy :) My rug is now sparkly LOL.

note: scan doesn't show it well but TUDE letters are glittered in yellow.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ashley Calder you are my muse

I just finished reading Ashley Calder's book scraptastic, and it is the best book ever, it is so full of techniques using gesso, paint, water colors, ink etc.... I played with this tonight and am quite happy with how it turned out. Its a piece of very heavy water color paper cut to 12x12 and the design is my own, done in ink and then filled in with water colors. I used minimal embellishments, wanting the design to stand out. Very fun!!

vent :(

Poor old me LOL. Just needing to complain...I got over a nasty bought of bronchitis couple weeks ago only to now have gotten a cold. My nose is a snot factory and i can't stop coughing, and when I cough I pee, and barf. I am a nightmare. I was playing scrabble with my sis last week at her house and I had a sneezing fit and peed my pants on her chair, I peed on her bloody chair!!! Kayleigh had a rough week last week at my sis' she didn't sleep at night so neither did I and she didn't nap well, and now that we are home she has developed a nasty habit of throwing huge FITS like a 2 year old, I thought I had a few months of cute little girl left. Needless to say I am tired and cranky and did I mention I keep peeing my pants!! NAVCAN, I am counting the days!!!

A few LO's I did last night after scrabble, which by the way I have lost to Ryan 3 nights in a row!!! errrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, January 21, 2008

back home

It is so nice to be home, no matter how nice a visit we have away, there is something about my own bed that just can't be beat :)

Had some time to do a little scrapping last night and also want to share some fun I had playing with water colors and ink.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hello from Norland, ON

We arrived in Norland Fri night, and spent the weekend at my parents. Ryan is working in Vancouver all week so I am spending the week here and at my sisters so that I am not alone. This past weekend my sis and my nieces were also at my parents and I had my 5 yr old neice Hannah work on a painting with me. She did most of it herself, with very little help from me. She was really good at taing direction, and at the same time offering her own ideas. She learned to dry brush, and apply matte gel to papers, and to use a pallete knife. I can't wait to take a pic and post her final work. I also had some play time last night I experimented with water colours and black ink, ding some illustrations, loads of fun and something I want to use in a LO soon. That's all for now :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ok..Putting the paintbrush done and backing away

I am done, well I am telling myself I am done. I had this awesome idea for this painting but it didn't quite translate the way I wanted it to on canvas. I overworked the background way to much. But ah well, its all a learning experience. So here we are, TFL. Oh and can you see where I got my inspiration, scroll down LOL

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Morn'n Peeps

Happy Hump Day :)

Today Kayleigh is 18 months old :) She is currently sitting at the kitchen table,on a chair she got onto by herself eating raisins (her new fav) and bannanas , while watching Dora (I have that damn song in my head at night when I can't sleep LOL). SO Mommy is happily surfing the net with some tea. So my new obsession is Scrabble (my family is addicted to it) Ryan and I ave been playing every night since Saturday. We take forever, like 2-3 hours per game, we are so serious, and he takes forever to take a turn, thinking about each possible move and so forth. I have had to start bringing a book to the game to read in between turns or risk losing my sanity. My mom refuses to play with him b/c he takes so damn long. But he does often win :) LOL

So today we are planning a trip to the Hospital so I can ha my glucose test, yep more than hour in a clinic with a toddler, should be fun, wish me luck :)

Oh and in case your wandering I have been working on my new painting a bit each night, and hope to soon have it done. This scrabble thing is seriously getting in the way of my creative time.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


After what seems like a long dry spell I am finally in the mood to paint again. I have been so loving Donna Downey's journey thru paint and her inspirational muse Kelly Rae Roberts. Kelly's work really speak to me. So I ventured to A Fine Mess on Friday night to try my hand at a painting inspired by Kelly's work. I like how this turned out, the words say "their delicate wings were drawn to her." The wings made out of butterflies and the wording is my own. I have a long long way to go in learning how to paint more relaistic figures (a big departure from my abstract work) but I am really into this. Genna asked me how I would now take what I have learned and make it my own, ie. Its nice to copy and learn but how can this become a kataroo orginal. I have an idea floating about and am working on a canvas now. Hopefully, I will be able to show it to you soon.

Sunday Pigs

Sunday Pigs (pigtails)...I am not very good at these yet but they still look cute. This is what Kayleigh wore to church today. Ryan actually asked if her shirt was appropriate, he who doesn't even set near a church, I though the skull and cross bones were cute, although some older lady did day they were scarry :) LOL.

Thank-you Barb

I totally forgot to thank-you, Barb for the awesome comment on my blog and offering to do a page for me. HECK YEAH!!!! I will totally get on sending you some pics.

Have a great Sunday :)

Love Katie

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy NewYear

Happy NewYear all those in blog land :) I have been a bit quiet since Christmas, winding down from all the hoopla and a very bad case of bronchitis. I ended up in the ER on NewYear's day unable to breathe, luckily the ER was pretty quiet and I was taken well care of. I am feeling a bit better now that I have medication and thus was able to do a few LO's last night with my new Bad Girls Kit. Oh and today I had a nice surprise at A Fine Mess, I found out that Genna sold to of my paintings :) Yeah for me :)

Christmas album for my Marmie