Saturday, December 22, 2007

17 Months

Its been awhile since I have reported on Kayleigh. I was going through old posts and so enjoyed reading about her old routines and milestones. I need to stay on top of this. So here we go with an update at 17 months, well 17 and a 1/2 :)

-she can climb onto the couch all on her own
-uses a fork and spoon well
-brushes her own teeth, is obssessed with doing so and would brush them 20 times a day if allowed
-loves baths, begs for them
-loves the water fountains at walter baker pool, as no fear running through the water and under the falls. Does not like going in the big pool where she needs to be held much to independant for that
-is always trying to put on clothes, can get a sock on and off, a leg in pants and a shirt over head
-loves to play with the dog and cat but needs to learn to be gentle , ie no pulling ears
-says mama, dada, up, bubbub (bubbles), sort of says puppy, pepe, baby, woof, cat, oh oh, hi, num num
-loves bannanas and clementines like crazy
-very impatient while waiting for her milk
-loves wee wonders and play group
-starting to become more verbal
-more interested in tv (yippee lol)
-says hi to everyone and is always waving
-love her mommy lots and lots


barb said...

LOVE love love this list. Hey, send me some pictures, and I'll scrap your list for you. Pleeeease?! (I just got some pretty pink letters from AC that would go perfectly with girl pics. ;))

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

This is awesome Katieroo... she's grown so much and is a lil angel!!! Give her hug for me!