Friday, November 2, 2007

Leaving for St. Lucia

Just about done packing for St. Lucia. We drive home tonight and will be dropping off Kayleigh at my sisters house. Then we leave Sunday morning for a week in St. Lucia. I am sooooo excited for 7 days of fun, sun, food, and napping on beach :) When we booked the trip I wasn't pregnant so no drinking for me, to bad, as its all inclusive....and I so could of done a well deserved drunken stuper for a week LOL. Oh well, me and my expanding belly for two will be working hard on the awesome food :) LOL. I am little anxious about being away from Kayleigh for a week, I know she will do fine but I will miss her. Have a great week everyone :)


Mellisa said...

I meant to call you before you left to wish you a great time and a super safe trip. Sorry. Think of us as we clean frost off our windows! lol

Robyn~ said...

Have a wonderful trip! Tan your little a** off! Be careful!

Stay funny said...

Have a great time Katie!
Love you lots and can't wait to see your mini vacation album!
Hugs xx

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Super! I sure hope that you have a wonderful time with your dh! I hope that the weather is perfect!