Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A canvas for Kayleigh's new room

With a baby on the way, plans are in motion to move Kayliegh out of the nursery and into a new room. One of my plans is to one wall with a collage of different canvases. I made this one recently after seeing this woman's work .

I plan on making more b/c it was really easy and super fun :)


Robyn~ said...

Beautiful.....wish you'd come and help me decorate my room! Lovely work, as usual.

barb said...

Katie, your talent is boundless. I LOVE this canvas. Wow! So pretty and so whimsical.

I'm glad your scrapping mojo hasn't left the building this time around. I remember with your first pregnancy, you just didn't feel like scrapping much... well, this time, you're an old pro at the pregnancy thing, so hey, maybe you're just going to keep right on scrapping like crazy through the whole nine months!