Wednesday, September 12, 2007


pics taken while haning out in the glebe shopping for beads and candy mmmmm


Mellisa said...

OMG - this freakin ROCKS! I love it. I hadnt yet seen these pics thanks to dial up. (Stéph - you can email big files to me at work - hint! hint! lol) Poor Tanya. You need a little arrow that says "insert Tanya here" lol

Love your layouts below. Payton has gotten so big. Yikes!

barb said...

Wow, this one is awesome. You guys are soooooo amazing, all of you. So freakin' talented, and your close friendship warms my heart and makes me feel all tingly because I know how important close girlfriends are, and I'm so happy you guys have one another. You all ROCK. :D

(In my little circle of friends, we call that a bit of Hallmark Tourettes! lol)

Stay funny said...

Great LO.... Love the fun and colorful papers! It was a great time.... and to think that we didn't see hairspray at the end but and lots of fun!!!