Monday, July 2, 2007

some new LO's

Crocs: I matted the pics with white foam, the white foam sheets that you can by at the dollar store. They were a dream to ink.

Dream: Made with the Jenni Bowlin Kit

I AM: This LO is super special to me, thanks for the picture Barb and Chris

Kayliegh and Daddy: just went wild with this one, did whatever, its ok and not,but WHATEVER LOL


Robyn~ said...

These are beautiful with a capital B. Nice job. wish I could get more motivated.

Stay funny said...

Yeahhhhhhh Katie you posted!!!!

Love all your LO's!

Can wait to really play with you.... no Scrapbooker of the year to do like last Saturday..... just play!!!!!!

barb said...

Beautiful LOs, Katie. I love that photo of you and Kayleigh in A Fine Mess. I'm glad to see you scrapped it... and oh, so beautifully too! :)

Hey, I read on Stephanie's blog that you entered SOY. Congrats on finishing and good luck! :D