Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Body Art Journal Class

Breaking news!!! I will be teaching an Art Journal class at A Fine Mess in June. This is a 6 week course that will teach you various art journal techniques, while putting together an art journal that focuses on Body Image. Each class will also feature a discussion topic on Body Image.

The idea is for a group of women to get together to create beautiful art, learn new techniques, and celebrate our bodies complete with bumps, curves, and dimples :)

The class starts June 14th, and runs for 6 Thursdays in a row from 6:30-8:30 pm. The class is $95 bucks.

Here's a breakdown of the class.


Discussion Topic


Class 1

Paint scrape

Journal with ink and doodling

Our body image, what we “see” vs reality

How we have changed in our perception with age.

Water colour paper, paper bags, cardstock, found paper

Enough paper to make at least 6 8x10 inch pages.

Acrylic Paint

Journal pens

Credit Card like Card (ie. Used gift card)

Class 2

Crayon Melt

Media and Social Influences


Quilt Iron (if you have one)

Iron without holes (old will get dirty)

Heat Gun (Use mine if you don’t have one)

Class 3

Fusion Paper Towel

Looking at ourselves in a new light

Paper Towel (2 ply)

Class 4

Stamping, Embossing, Utee, Brayer work

All in a day

Stamps, embossing powders, Utee, Brayer (I will have many to share if you don’t have these)

Class 5


Building a positive network

Packing tape

Gel medium

Class 6


Free topic, wrap up

Paper piercer

Paper needle

Embroidery thread



Texture tool box (things to add texture when painting and stamping, like bubble wrap, sponges, plastic bags, fibers, stencils etc)

Glitter pens, spider writers,


Stay funny said...

Yeahhhhhhhhh you are finally doing this... I'm so prouad of you and really happy that you are going foward with your great idea that you had in mind! Will send you some great vibes... Thursdays is not a good day for me (AKA teaching also...) I would have been tempsted to do this! Love ya lots xx

Michelle said...

Oh wow! Sounds amazing!