Monday, May 28, 2007

First Day of Day Care

Today is Kayliegh's first day of daycare. We begin transitioning her in today, for the next two weeks. Then I start work June 11. Today we will go together for one hour, than she will do 2 hours on her own tomorrow, then 3 the following and so on. Last week when the representative from the wee watch agency was here to do the paper work I cried twice!! Our time together has gone so fast. I am not ready to give up our days together, our naps, and our adventures, and yet in some ways I am ready. She is just so grown up. I know we all say that, but its just so damn true. And just when she is getting to be so fun and funny. She is so close to walking, and will stand on her own for a few seconds, she is full of crazy sounds, and is starting to wave hi and bye bye, and to give kisses. Oh and she laughs and laughs at all sorts of things now. oh my baby turd :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Kayleigh has her first flu, I have been barfed on twice and she has explosive pooped 3 times in the last two hours....poor girl. Funny thing is she barfs and then is all happy and funny. She doesn't seem sick other than not eating and barfing/pooping. I am giving her lots of fluids and cuddles and hoping that she gets better soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

yummy Japanese food at home

I am the Queen of rocking the microwave meal man, and here' s my new fav. Its from PC (oh they rock) and its a BENTO good, really really good. Even comes with chopsticks, and the good kind.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Etsy Shop

I've got the Etsy bug :) I have some of the coolest, yummiest trims up on Etsy. I have shabby chic, I have funky, I have trims that Heidi and Jenni would drool over!! Check out my Etsy here. I will post handmade necklaces, and some of my mixed media later on.

Body Art Journal Class

Breaking news!!! I will be teaching an Art Journal class at A Fine Mess in June. This is a 6 week course that will teach you various art journal techniques, while putting together an art journal that focuses on Body Image. Each class will also feature a discussion topic on Body Image.

The idea is for a group of women to get together to create beautiful art, learn new techniques, and celebrate our bodies complete with bumps, curves, and dimples :)

The class starts June 14th, and runs for 6 Thursdays in a row from 6:30-8:30 pm. The class is $95 bucks.

Here's a breakdown of the class.


Discussion Topic


Class 1

Paint scrape

Journal with ink and doodling

Our body image, what we “see” vs reality

How we have changed in our perception with age.

Water colour paper, paper bags, cardstock, found paper

Enough paper to make at least 6 8x10 inch pages.

Acrylic Paint

Journal pens

Credit Card like Card (ie. Used gift card)

Class 2

Crayon Melt

Media and Social Influences


Quilt Iron (if you have one)

Iron without holes (old will get dirty)

Heat Gun (Use mine if you don’t have one)

Class 3

Fusion Paper Towel

Looking at ourselves in a new light

Paper Towel (2 ply)

Class 4

Stamping, Embossing, Utee, Brayer work

All in a day

Stamps, embossing powders, Utee, Brayer (I will have many to share if you don’t have these)

Class 5


Building a positive network

Packing tape

Gel medium

Class 6


Free topic, wrap up

Paper piercer

Paper needle

Embroidery thread



Texture tool box (things to add texture when painting and stamping, like bubble wrap, sponges, plastic bags, fibers, stencils etc)

Glitter pens, spider writers,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Doodlebug House

Man these things are addictive....what am I going to do with all this crap LOL.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's HERE!!!!!!!

Scrap in Style TV is live!!! This is the coolest website, the best I have seen in soooo long. I love her web tv, its fresh funky real, not cheesy. Totally check this out girls.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Ultimate Organizer

I have always been an organizer, a list maker, a day planner user...I like to write things down, I like the feel of a pen. I have kept all of my day planners in my hope chest with my diaries and they are a hoot to go back over.

Well I found this awesome system on this organizing blog, and had to make my own. I used a photo album that I bought at Michaels because I loved the linen cover. I used 5 of the actual album pages for the index tabs, as the plastic acts as a reinforcer. Instead of placing photos in I placed some Amy Butler PP. I cut and hole punched the paper myself and decorated it with tabs, and stickers etc. The clip on the front holds notes, that will later be added to the planner.

I have 5 sections, just like inspiration planner. Lists, errands, notes, paper, calender, plus a pocket page.

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twinkle Twinkle

I made this necklace tonight with beads from A Fine Mess. I could really get into this beading thing.

Mother's day rocks!!

I love Mother's day!! Who knew it could be sooo good :) Much better when your the mom than when your the kid LOL. Ryan (aka DaDa) took us out to brunch at Terra Grill. I enjoyed to glasses of champagne and orange juice and a awesome warm cornbread loaf stuffed with a poached egg and cheese. We walked to the restaurant with Kayleigh in her stroller enjoying a bright cool morning. Its a good thing we walked after eating such a big meal. We got a babysitter for the day so that we could both enjoy some time out. Ryan golfed and I hung out at A Fine Mess with Mellissa, Rachel, and Stephanie. When I got home there was a Mother's day card waiting for me from Kayleigh which Ryan helped her write by putting the pen in her hand. Cheesy, I know but it made my heart swell.
A shout out to my Marmie and also to Mellissa on this special day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Merry Go Round

10 months old, May 12.07

Check out this Hot Chick

I am going toot toot my own horn here, after all we all know how I love to TOOT LOL. Check out the featured artist at A Fine Mess :)

Doodlebug Plain and Simple Houses

Picked up a doodlebug plain and simple house at A Fine Mess yesterday and made this with the K&Co Amy Butler kit. Super fun, I have a larger house that I am going to work on tomorrow at a crop at A Fine Mess. Yep taking the afternoon off for mother's day and hanging with some of my peeps :)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Oh the joy of cheerios

I have discovered the ultimate make Kayleigh HAPPY and OCCUPIED cheerios out of the little compartment in her car, and sometimes feeding them to the dog :)

Infact hide cheerios in just about anything and she is a happy cherrio hunter.

Our home, stroller and car our now home to many mishappen cheerios.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

new shoes for mommy and baby :)

I have been hunting down a pair of crocs that will fit Kayleigh's little piggies, and finally found a pair today. Last pair in her size in the store. Anyway, once I saw how cute they looked on her I had to get a matching pair :) Good thing because by the time I got home I had worn a hole in my pink crocs :( Ahhhh they were good to me got them last summer and even wore them all winter. Check out our cute matching piggies now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Baby Rock

Monday Night's Mixed Media

Stephanie and I hung out at A Fine Mess again on Monday and I made this canvas. I love the depth of the canvas. This is a 12x12 and it was only $11, they have the best prices on canvas!! Oooh and I saw something top secret there...all I have to say is HEIDI WHO???

Freak'n Awesome Baby T's

So I have been on this rocker kick, every since the Rock Star show, and have been channelling my inner rocker. I even had a dream last night that I was the drummer in Guns and Roses!! LOL. Of course I have now decided that my baby Kayleigh is going to grow up to have her own girl band, kick'n it in our garage and all :) So I am on the hunt for cool rocker baby gear and came across this kick A## Site, Trendy Tadpole

I love the AB/CD shirt in particular. Definitely check this out girls.