Sunday, March 18, 2007

Family Nap :)

Ok so we have a new thing around here on weekends, we have family naps :) LOL Kayleigh has two naps a day at 8 mos old one around 9am and one around 1pm. Well lately on the weekends Mommy and Daddy crawl into bed for these naps with the baby in between us (weiner dog too) she nurses and then we all fall asleep. It is the most amazing feeling of love and comfort and plain old comfy-ness. I love these moments sooooo much :)

Here is a LO of Kayleigh at 2 days old, pic taken by Mellissa when she visited us in the hospital.


Barb said...

What a great LO, Katie... those folded paper flowers are gorgeous. :)

As for your family naps, they sound just heavenly. There are days when I wish my boys would nap, just so I could have a moment's peace. *sigh* But mostly, I love the freedom that napless kids allow. It's all good, the different phases. In the meantime, enjoy your naps! :)

Stay funny said...

Love this Katie... it's saying so much.... I can't wait to see it in real Life. Is this Lo for the Top 20? If so... wow, trully a work of art.