Friday, March 16, 2007

Catch Up

I have been a little slow to post recently, as Kayleigh has just gotten over a cold and now I have it :( I hope she doesn't get sick again. Also we have been very busy. We had a visitor this week our dear Yauntie Mellissa. She took us out for all kinds of adventures, and Kayleigh enjoyed her first icecream cone licks...she was very excited and flapped her arms like crazy. On Wednesday I got my G1 Licence thanks to Mellissa's prodding. Hopefully my I will soon be able to retire my chauffeur Stephanie :) :) This weekend my good friend from highschool Jen AKA WINNIFER is coming to visit. She is getting married this December so we will be talking all things wedding this weekend and I can't wait!! Saturday night we are also going to a PINK FLOYD cover band in Gat. Well I have some fun stuff planned for the blog and hope to get time to post it soon :) Toots and happy Friday.

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Stay funny said...

Retire.... ahhhhhhh well.... I did really enjoy doing this for you Katie! I have the luck of you never falling a sleep and it was always fun chatting with you when I was chaufering arround with you! Let's put this way... I may need some chauferring at one point or the other.... so I will remember that you will be able to do so in the next year ;) !!! Hope you will feel better soon and enjoy your w-end with Winnifer!