Sunday, March 25, 2007

8 Months Old

Kayleigh has been developing by leaps and bound in the past 3-4 days. She has been making many more sounds, she has her fourth tooth coming through, she is crawling ( not all the time, she still pulls her self around for the most part), she is pulling herself to standing on things (I just realized that awesome new table is a DANGER :( and she is taking steps while we hold her hands!! She also loved to play hide and seek and peek-a-boo. Generally, she is just a DAMN HOOT lately!! This is a picture of her and DaDa catching a snooze Sat afternoon.


Stay funny said...

Great pics... and streching her arms like dady!

jamm said...

I love these photos of Kayleigh!! Sounds like she's progressing well, it must be such a fun time with her..I can't wait!! =)

Michelle said...

Those are great photos!
Yep, it is so amazing what they accomplish! Wait til 1 1/2 - 2 1/2...(my FAVE year!) They learn SO much!