Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shout out from Cambray Ontario

The creative juices are coursing through my veins thanks to the arrival of this months Jenni Bowlin Kit. I scrapped Thursday night and a little on Friday and have 3 awesome new LO's to show for it. I have to toot my bum I mean horn here, b/c these are my fav's!!! I will post them when I have time Monday night. Right now I am visting my in laws and am itching too get back to my scrap table. I had just started on a new LO when we had to pack up and I was toying around with an interesting idea. Maybe if I am lucky we will be home early enough Sunday night for me to get back to it.

So good news, at my painting class at A FINE MESS, I met a girl who has a 3 mos old son, and get this loves behind me!!! So we have a play date set up for Monday. So happy to have met someone close by, who is also on mat leave. Its getting a bit boring by ourselves at home, especially with Ryan travelling so much and the cold weather keeping us indoors.

I talked to my sister today and she and her man are painting their new condo!! Congrats to them and their first home. Welcome to Home Ownership, may your home be a place full of joy and love for years to come. PS....I asked my sis if she had christened the place yet ( and she said ya I was the first to have a poo (such a harkins) LOL

Kayleigh has some news to report she is now rocking on her hands and knees and managed to pull herself across the floor yeserday. Its time to get some baby proofing done!!


Mellisa said...

OMG - getting ready to crawl? Where did the time go? Wasnt I just there when she sat up for the first time?? Yikes! Go sweet Kayleigh, go!
I cant wait to see what you created with your new kit.
Have a safe trip home and enjoy your playdate on Monday.

Michelle said...

Hey, how cool is that-you meet someone who lives in your backyard, with a baby, who also likes being creative (i'm assuming, since she was at A Fine Mess). An adult to talk to!
Someone to go day care hunting with, perhaps?

jamm said...

YAY Kayleigh!! WTG! How lucky that you have met someone to play with so close..I'm still trying to find one...too bad we didn't live near each other!! =) Can't wait to see your amazing LOs!!

Barb said...

How wonderful that you've found another mom to hang out with. It's the only thing that kept me sane on my mat leaves... having other grown-ups to talk to during the day! LOL